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Report # 16489  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 3, 2006.
Camper describes trees shaken and possible encounter near Waverly
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YEAR: 2002


MONTH: September



COUNTY: Ross County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near and around Lake Jackson. Also several howls in the area around Hay Hollow.

The SCARRY HOLLOW (my name for it) is located on top of Hay Hollow. EXACTLY located across from (NW Line Of Sight) from old white church.



OBSERVED: I've been an avid outdoorsman in the Pike and Ross county areas for years. (Bow Hunting) On many, many occassions I have heard the growls, screams, holwls, and drum-like beatings; mostly in the early morning hours between (1am and 3am).

Several times I have observed "something" moving across the edge of my vision, and when I tried to find tracks, or make a determination as to what actually occured; the only thing that I could find was scratch marks high up on trees. Since there are no grizzly bears in that particular area, it was easy to guess what made these tears in solid wood.

INCIDENT: Near Lake Jackson (SE of Waverly):
My friends and I were hunting/camping beside an old gravel pit surrounded by high cliffs and ponds.

During the late evening hours we all smelled a peculiar "wet dog/skunk" odor emmanating from across the small pond.

My best friend and I armed ourselves (feral dog do roam the area) and proceeded to the other side of the pond. There is a small dike that runs from one side to the other. Halfway across the dike there was a series of frightening growls coming from the edge of the treeline. Immediatley after bushes and medium size trees were being violently shaken, as if in a warning for us to stay away. (We took the advice and retreated back to our side of the pond)

The rest of the night was spent listening to soft moaning, somtimes howls, and on one occassion rocksw and tree limbs sailed across the pond towards us.

The next morning we once again armed ourselves and checked out the area across the pond. There were no trail-signs, no hair, nothing that would indicate a track. (And-I am a decent enough tracker).

Throughout the next few years I returned to that area many times, and always had this very keen sense that I was being watched. Sometimes to the point that my hair would stand on end. There are still certain deep hollows (600' deep) that I ABSOLUTELY) will not go into. In one particular hollow; everytime I go down into it, there seems to be a sense that I am in danger.

A survey of the area was startling: The hollows; which range from 25' to 900' deep, run along the entire region into WV and parts of PA. One could litteraly walk state to state, and never emerge into sunlight.

I have since moved from Ohio to Wyoming. and I am sure the locals (many of whom have substantiaed my thoughts on this) still hear the screams and wolf-like howls.

ALSO NOTICED: In the bottom of a certain hollow; it always seems like I was being hunted, or warned by some sense. My gut instinct was always of HIGH ALERT when I went down this hollow. There was a prevailing sense that my life was in danger if I stuck around. I armed myself a few times and retuned to this hollow with the intention of seeing what was scaring me so bad. In all cases; my intution would kick into high gear the moment I got about 25% of the way into it.

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes-at times while camping; but mostly when by myself bow hunting

OTHER STORIES: Many, many, many times. All the local have tales of their own. Many wont say anything for fear of being labled "crazy", or somehing.


ENVIRONMENT: Dense trees, large hills, ponds, less travelled roads.

Bottom of hollows are mostly sunlight straved, dead leaves, and musty odors.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jeremy Caldwell:

The area in question is extremely rural and very unique. Deep, rocky ravines scar the landscape, and fresh water streams and ponds are everywhere. There is a large sand dune that makes you forget you’re in southeast Ohio.

I grew up in this county, and have heard the stories about this particular area. Friends of mine would sometimes attempt to camp out near Jackson Lake. They would often tell stories of “ghost” sounds and other strange happenings at night in this area. Not until reading this report and speaking to this witness did the memories of this place return. I have no reason to discredit the witness’ report. The sounds and behavior reported are hallmarks for sasquatch intimidation techniques.

About BFRO Investigator Jeremy Caldwell:

Jeremy is an avid outdoorsmen. He's spent his entire life hunting and camping in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Southern Ohio. Jeremy has an intense love for wildlife and to date has raised and tamed wild ducks, geese, raccoons, coyotes and wolves.

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