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Report # 1670  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Wendel E. Downs on Tuesday, December 23, 1997.
Large footprint find, large creature witnessed by a school bus driver
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YEAR: 1958

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Snohomish County

LOCATION DETAILS: Go North on Hwy. 530 to Trafton, turn Right. on 242nd St. NE. to Lake Riley area.



OBSERVED: Hubert & Doris Smith were my uncle & aunt. He is deseased & she lives in Texas. They sold out in 1968. They had never heard of big foot prior to this incidence and thought they were having contact with a giant of some sort.

An awful smell in the dairy barn then footprints in the barn lot leading up the hill to dense forest. A few days later tracks were found next to creek. Plaster of Paris prints were made. [Hubert & Doris Smith residence] Shortly after this, the school bus driver reported seeing a bigfoot cross the road in front of the bus. This was down by Jim Creek on 242nd st. Note: This happened before the road was designated 242nd., but it was where the big main power-line crosses the road.

ALSO NOTICED: In 1990 I went back to the old home place to see if I could find the Plaster of Paris foot prints that had been let in the saw mill.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was told that the new owners had made plaster of Paris prints of There own several years after they had bought the farm. I do not know their names. I could not find the original ones.

ENVIRONMENT: Mountainous, heavy forest [fir and Hemloc] evergreen trees. A creek with some swampy areas, close by the house and barn.

A & G References: Pg. 96, C1

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