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Report # 16719  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, November 20, 2006.
Vocazliation heard by moose hunter in the Godson Lake area
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YEAR: 2006


MONTH: September



LOCATION DETAILS: The area is in the Godson lake area in WMU hunting area 8 on the Fort Frances (502) Highway.

NEAREST TOWN: Dryden, Ontario, Canada

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 502

OBSERVED: Northwestern Ontario, Canada...
In the 2006 archery moose season of hunting area 8 in Dryden Ontario, my Uncle Jim heard a strange noise. When Archery hunting (bow and arrow hunting) you don't have to wear hunters orange clothes. You are allowed to wear camoflauge, and spray on scent covers. This means that if you are very quite you can seek up to many animals (I have personally been within 15 yards of a bull moose). Moose being colour blind only see a blurred object (a camoflauged hunter), and they smell nothing (scent cover), if you are quite they can't hear nothing. It is because of these reasons that I believe my uncle Jim heard these sounds while resting on a brush pile. The sound of what he said was like a Gorilla at the Zoo. He heard a whoo,whoo,whoo sound and the sound of fists beating a chest (like male silverback gorillas). He heard this for close to an hour, however he was trying to shoot a moose that was also in the area so he didn't get a chance to investgate the sounds.

ALSO NOTICED: In this region of Ontario it is said that the eastern mountain lion can no longer be found there. They have been extripated in that region of Ontario. But many people in my home town have seen cougars this year even.

OTHER WITNESSES: My family archery hunts together there is now about 10 archery hunters in my family, they could all be technically witnesses but my Uncle Pete was with my Uncle Jim (side by side) and he wouldn't even try to talk about his experience when asked about it he just shook his head like he didn't believe what he heard.

OTHER STORIES: In a village called Vermillion Bay not far from Dryden a bigfoot sighting occured. I don't know the details, but I know that the town built a roadside bigfoot monument. My Grandfather knew the man who repoted the sighting and my grandpa say's that after the sighting whenever he was in the bush he would lock the truck doors (when before he didn't).

TIME AND CONDITIONS: I was a mile away from his hunting position so I heard nothing, but I know that it was close to nightfall and it was a very dark night that was coming in. The was also a very strong wind, but there was no foul scents that I hear about in some bigfoot reports.

ENVIRONMENT: In this region of Ontario there is miles of boreal forest, there are human planted trees that are a organically grown to support the forest industry, there is also endless untouched land with everything from mountains to natural sand pits. it also hard to travel a mile in this part of Canada and not find a body of water, many lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds, and swamps.

Follow-up investigation report:

The author submitted the report on behalf of his uncle, the witness. Usually a second-hand report would be classified as Class C. Exceptions are made for second-hand reports submitted by family members, especially when the submitter was on scene when the incident occured.

The entire family are bow hunters and all hunt together. On that particular day there were about 10 family members present, however, only two heard it.

The author could not provide any more information other than was reported above. Both witnesses are very confused with what they heard. They could only compare the sound to "gorillas in a zoo". He actually thought that perhaps there was a "gorilla" in the forest and that maybe it escaped from a zoo. They did not discuss it much more than that.

He mentioned that the young Bull Moose behaved strangely. It acted frightened and timid and refused to come into the area. He said that normally the young, inexperienced moose come closer without any fear. This one did not. The "whoops" and "chest beating" continued for about 1 hour. It got too dark and so they could not investigate the matter any further.

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