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Report # 16779  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, November 27, 2006.
Man recalls close encounter while on afternoon walk near Whitehorse
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YEAR: 1992

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August



LOCATION DETAILS: AT the end of Thompson Blvd. in a suburban neighbourhood. A fairly dence one too. However the woods next to it where I seen the thing is also very dence. Lots of outcrops and old mines, a few swamps and lots of trees.

NEAREST TOWN: Whitehorse

NEAREST ROAD: Thompson Blvd.

OBSERVED: This incident happened in the summer of 1992 in my hometown of Whitehorse Yukon while I was taking a walk with my mother in the woods near her home. At the time I guess I was about 39 years old and her about 60. This is the first time I've told this story to the public. What prompted me to tell the story Is that I see very few sasquatch stories on the site from the Yukon. Actually, from what I've seen and heard the Yukon should be considered a hot spot for sasquatch or "bushman" as it is known up here. I am going to tell the story the way it comes out and here it is......Being a sort of explorer kind of a person I like to take walks in the woods and off the baeten track so I have a better chance of finding something rare or interesting. For one I am a serious rockhound and another I am a major local history buff so I'm always off in the woods looking for something. Anyway one evening I decided to take a walk down this old road heading west into some pretty dence and very rocky forest. It was a Cat road and it was skinny and tall trees were on each side and the funny thing was it kept on twisting and turning back and forth and back and forth so that at any given time either forward or behind the line of site was only about maybe 80 feet I figure. Anyway I walk and walk and sorta hope to get somewhere. A clearing, an old cabin or at least a change of terain but no such luck. I noticed it was getting close to dark so I figured I better turn around and head back which was probably about an hour and a half walk. I got back to my mom's just as darkness fell. Just for the record during the whole time I did not get any wierd or scared feelings or anticipate anything to happen. Nore did anything, which in retrospect has an interesting dimention. Point being is it was extremely silent. Almost too silent. Anyway the next morning I tell my mom about the road and the fact that not far down there was an old dump where we might find some old bottles. Did she want to go check it out? Sure she says. It was a beautiful sunny day not a cloud in the sky and it was about 20 degrees. A perfect day for a walk. So we go. We get to the dump which was a very short distance down the road. She checks it out but finds all the bottles broken. She's fine though and enjoying herself and picking flowers. I ask her if she wants to continue down the road awhile. She says "OK but are you sure there are no bears around?". I say "I don't think so I never heard or seen nothing last night". And besides I've been in these woods all my life and I never had any bear problems. I seen a few but they always took off and they were all rather small blacks. Anyway, we continue down the road but just because mom made me aware I sorta walked in front of her 50 feet or so and looked around each corner of the bend in the road sorta bird dogging the scene. I guess at about the forth or fifth bend I do see something up on the rise to the left about 80 feet away standing and moving slightly from side to side. I stop in my tracks. My mom stops in hers about fifty feet back and out of view. I turn to her and say someone is up ahead. I look again and there he is. I expect him to aproach and say hi or whatever. It doesn't happen. I look closer. The sun is behind him and he is in the shade of the trees. (the sun is never high up here). I notice that this guy besides being unusualy big and tall is also wearing black coveralls and he has a Huge mop of hair tapering from the top of his head to the outside of his shoulders. Now I'm standing in the middle of the road my bright purple t-shirt is glowing almost neon bright in the sunshine. I'm waiting for him to aproach and I'm staring at him trying to see the face. the eyes. Nothing. He's still swaying from side to side a bit but otherwise just standing there. My mom is still about 50 feet back and she is staying there. She doesn't want to aproach any further. She is saying "what, what is it Bill?" I say "I'm not sure". It's now about two minutes into this scene and I'm now starting to feel wierd. I'm staring at him and he is me but I can't see his face. He's in the bloody shadows of the trees. Finally after I fugure three minutes of this stare down I start to face reality but I don't want to. That's the only way I can explain my feelings. As soon as I realised what I was having the stare down with I got pretty excited. The first thing that came to my mind was that I did't want my mom to see it or it her. I wanted to difuse the situation with no screaming no jumping no fainting and no running. I was thinking of approaching but something told me not to and anyway it srarted to aproach me! In a split second I turned on my heal and told my mom lets go. I still never told her what I saw and I didn't have to. By looking at me she knew. we walked at a quick pace but I refused to run. I looked back at every corner and about the third corner there he was about 20 feet behind, As soon as I saw him he was gone. Gone in the woods absolutelty silently. Not a sound. He was huge. Two silent strides and he was gone. This close encounter lasted I figure about one second at most. so fast that your mind doesn't even want to remember. But I did and one thing for sure is I was releived that he was gone and in another direction. after that we finally came out to the main road. We waent across and sat on a log in the woods on the other side. We took out a sandwitch and that's when I said Do you know what I saw. She says no. I say sasquatch, I saw a sasquatch". She says are you sure? I say yes mam. I remember [names omitted] talking about it. Apparently it visits the vilage all the time at night and rummages around in the yards. We went home and I drew a picture of it and went through it in my mind over and over again to keep it in my memory. That was 14 years ago and I can still remember it very well.

ALSO NOTICED: Like I said it was extremely quiet. I don't recal hearing birds or squirls or nothing. When he walked it seemed that he was levitated. Like he wasn't touching the ground but a few inches above. He also seemed to have no definition. Outside of the silouette. Just like a shadow. Don't know if he had hair or fur as I did't bother to go up and touch him. The realy wierd thing of it is his pointy head configuration. Very pronounced. When I was watching him I thought of Saturday Night Live's coneheads. But I surely was not laughin. Also at the time of the incident my adreniline was the highest as it ever was in my life. I was looking for a stick or club but couldn't find one which angered me and I was ready to take him on if need be. Though I didn't figure I had much of a chance.

OTHER WITNESSES: Mother was present but did't see it and I didn't tell her nor want her to see it or it her.

OTHER STORIES: Like I said the natives see or hear him in there village which is about two miles away. I figure I bumped into him on his way there. I've talked to a few native and our descriptions are uncannily similar. Now I believe in Bushman and I think we should leave him and his kind at peace.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2 P.M. Like I said sunny, 20 degrees.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine and Spruce Aspen Willow and swamp.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Milan Kubik:

I spoke with the reportee for some time and have no reason to believe that he was mistaken in the identity of what he saw or that he was fabricating the story. There are other sightings and stories of sasquatches over the years in the reported area. I will be following up with a visit to the area in the summer of 2009.

About BFRO Investigator Milan Kubik:

I have been interested in the Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery since a very early age. I had my first sighting of a Sasquatch in the fall of 2006 and have been actively researching in the field ever since.
Attended the Northern Ontario expedition.

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