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Report # 1777  (Class A)
Submitted on Friday, February 16, 2001.
Family views large, reddish-brown animal near their home outside of Morton
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 15

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Lewis County


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 508

OBSERVED: During the spring of 2000, my Mom and her friend were going to town, it was in the evening when we saw it. As my Mom left she reminded me to lock up, so I went to the door to lock it. As I locked the door, I watched my Mom and her friend drive past throught the window on the left side of my door. When I looked out side I noticed the outline of a pair of legs strolling through my neighbors yard. My first thought was that someone wearing adidas pants was going through my neighbor's yard and that some on must be snooping around. Being the nosy person that I am, I cupped my hands on the glass to get a better look. When I did, I saw a large dark redish brown brown figure with long stringy hair, About 8.5' tall. It seemed so musclular and it's legs did not straighten but remained bent. As it walked it swayed it's arms back and forth as I watched in amazement. When I realized it it was something out of the ordinary I panicked and jumped back behind the door. When I looked back it was gone, Moments later the phone rang, it was my Mom on her cellular phone. She sounded very startled when I answered it and automatically ordered me to make sure the dog was in and all the doors and windows locked because she had just seen something very weird. On hearing this I was relieved that I wasn't losing my mind. She said they were almost to the end of my street when a large animal with long reddish brown hair crossed the road in front of them and took one easy step over my neighbors barbed wire fence (mom clarified it was a metal gate) and kept going.

In interviewing the mom, she explained to me that she might have seen the sasquatch Chris was looking at if she had looked to the left into her neighbors yard as she drove by. But, her and her girl friend were distracted looking down the street at a very large man standing next to a 6' 6" street sign. The top of the sign came about mid chest level. It stood still like it was hiding behind the sign. When they got closer to it, it bolted, taking two steps to clear the road and striding down her neighbors driveway and stepped over the metal 4' gate in one easy step. She said "the long reddish brown hair swung back and forth as it swung it's arms. Moved very quickly, having a smooth and graceful gait."

Also, she has seen his eyes glowing in the head lights of her car coming home at night. "There have been time where I believe it has watched me at night when I have stayed up late working on paperwork in the dining room". Her girl friend and her have been on the porch at night and heard it screaming and wailing over in the Duck Pond area.

ALSO NOTICED: Their big german shepherd, rotwilier mix (who is very territorial) at times would race through the back yard and into brush to apprehend a would be intruder and come sprinting back and make dive for his bed in the garage and wimper. All these events made sense to this family after their sighting.

OTHER WITNESSES: Donna P., The friend with the Mom at the time of the sighting

OTHER STORIES: About a year before my intial sighting, I was fishing in the Tilton River at Gus Backstrom Park. I was talking to an older guy about bass fishing at an area around my neighborhood known as the Duck Ponds. He said that "a few years back" ( with this guy being elderly I wasn't sure how long ago it really was.) That he was fishing at a hidden pond back in the trees. at about 5:30 in the morning when he heard a noise from across the pond. He figured it must be an elk with all the noise it was making. Suddenly he saw two large hands reach between the trees and part the trees like someone would part a curtin. Then, he said , it proceeded to walk straight across the pond, and through to the other side. I figured (at the time ) He was just jerking my chain. So I played along with agreeing with what ever he said. After my sighting I now believe him.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear cold Saturday night at about 10:30 P.M. The moon was 3/4 to full. Beautiful frosty night. Just guessing on the date of April and the 15th. But might be able pin point if looking at an old calandar.

ENVIRONMENT: This is a residental neighborhood across the river from the city of Morton. It is also the Tilton River Valley lined with high rugged mountains. The elevation is a little below 900 feet but the surrounding peaks raise to 3,000' and above. The Duck Ponds are a magnet for sasquatch activity the last 5 years.

A & G References: Pg. 47, D6

Follow-up investigation report:

Vocalizations are also a major part of the activity. Footprints have not been a major part of the activity for two reasons; much of the terrain around the Duck Pond is gravel and rock and the other reason is very few have to my knowledge, spent time looking for tracks after sightings. This encounter and the following BFRO report Report#1776 are mates.

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