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Report # 191  (Class A)
Submitted by witness W.M. on Sunday, August 27, 2000.
Daytime sighting by motorists along Hwy 6 near Glenwood
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YEAR: 1984/85?

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Washington County

LOCATION DETAILS: In the general vicinity of Glenwood. Figure was crossing South to North



OBSERVED: This is a partial secondary report. I accidently sent the previous report before I completed the questionnaire. Bigfoot crossed the road in front of us while we were on Hwy 6 Between I-5 and the coast. When we approched the crossing area it was grown up solid to the edge of the road. We were several hundred yards approching the figure when it was noticed. When we got closer there was no sign of it and the foilage looked impassable where it was. I am sure it was not a hiker or hunter. The figure moved with a purposeful gait. I would estimate the figure was in excess of 6 feet tall and had no distinguishable clothing.


OTHER WITNESSES: Wife & self driving 35' 5th wheel trailer and 1 ton 4 door pickup truck.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Mid-day, Weather clear and shaded from surrounding area.

ENVIRONMENT: Forest area

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with witness on 6/14/01. The witness is a retired truck driver and an experienced outdoorsman. He and his wife were traveling West on Hwy 6 towards the coast and had just entered the Tillamook National Forest.

The witness was struck by the fact that the animal entered the woods were no path existed, only thick softwood forest and dense underbrush.

The witness further described the Sasquatch as having a heavy frame and all over dark brown color. It did not walk upright like a man, but was somewhat stooped over.

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