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Report # 20562  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, July 30, 2007.
Man describes possible sighting in childhood near Sandwich
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YEAR: 1977-8

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: Saturday

STATE: Massachusetts

COUNTY: Barnstable County


OBSERVED: In 1977-78 I lived in Sandwich in a development called [removed by editor]. We were the last house in the neighborhood, behind us was woods that ran for a mile or more in each direction. One snowy Saturday I was home alone watching television. My parents worked frequently and even though I was only 11-12 years old I was at home alone alot. I was watching TV in our den which was situated between 2 windows. It was around noon and overcast.

My dog frequently barked whenever a car drove up. When she started barking this time, I turned my head down our hallway to yell at her to shut up. Looking back to the TV, I was startled to see a face peering through my window. To the best of my memory, the face was fury, whatever it was it only around 5-6 feet tall. I screamed and it made some kind of grunting noise. It immediately took off around the back of the house, running on two legs, and through an open breeze way to the front and into the woods.

To say I was frightened was an understatement. I immediately called some friends who came over to calm me down. After thinking about it for a while I thought it could have been one of my friends wearing a mask and playing a joke on me. That theory ended when we went outside to see what the creatures footprints looked like, we were shocked to see hoofed footprints. I never saw any sign of this creature again, but after reading what the men in Mashpee saw 2-3 years later, it sounds like Cape Cod might have a Bigfoot of some kind.


OTHER STORIES: One in Mashpee, from your site 2-3 years later.

Overcast, with an inch or two of snow on the ground.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Nick M.:

I spoke with witness and he is credible for what he remembers. The question is what exactly he saw, in this particular case.

About BFRO Investigator Nick M.:

Nicholas Maione is a business owner and a trained biologist. After attending 2005 New York Adirondacks Expedition, the 2006 West Virgina Expedition, and 2007 South Carolina Expedition he became very interested in the feeding habits of bigfoots.

Nick will be organizing the BFRO's 2009 New York Expedition. He also led the 2008 Maine Expedition.

Academics, etc.:

  • BS Marine Biology from URI -- focus on Biogeography and Distribution of Corals and Mangrove Trees in the Great Barrier Islands, Australia
  • AS in Mathematics from CCRI
  • Began his Masters in Environmental Science & Management
  • Former Veterinary Technician and Primate Assistant Zookeeper

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