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Report # 21097  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, August 21, 2007.
Experienced hunters find a possible track-line in the snow on Blue Mountain and share a photo
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YEAR: 1975

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 1/26/1975


COUNTY: San Juan County

NEAREST TOWN: Monticello Utah

OBSERVED: I believe this incident occurred in the early 1980's - I can pinpoint the year probably, if you find this account of interest. It was winter and my husband and I were taking an afternoon drive on Blue Mountain (Abajo Mountain - San Juan County , Utah) I'm almost certain it was a sunday. Anyway, my husband is a deer hunter and out doors kind of person, so he is very observant - always on the look out for tracks and that sort of thing. As we were driving along, he said, did you see those tracks out in that field, and I said, "no, what tracks" - so he stopped the car and backed it up a long the road. All I could see was a big wide open snow filled expanse with trees at the far edge that led up the hill side. At first I could not see what he was looking at. As he walked toward the field, he was commenting, those are some really strange looking tracks. I still wasn't sure what he was getting all excited about but as we got closer I could see that indeed there were some very odd tracks crossing this field. One set of tracks across a pristine field of white. Each track appeared to be the shape of a bare foot. You could see the heel print, a kind of arch and definate toe impressions. They were fairly crisp but not in a manufactured way - but, they were tracks which had not began to melt yet so still had their form. The really interesting thing is that each foot print was about 3 x the size of my husband's foot and he is 6'6" and wears a size 12 shoe. The distance between prints was approx, 3x my husbands normal stride. It was just amazing! My husband has seen bear tracks many times as he is a hunter from colorado and familiar with the woods. He says these were not bear tracks. We have no explanation. It was very quiet that afternoon, almost eerily quiet. The tracks led toward the trees going up the hill side. We drive in to town to get my uncle who is an avid hunter and trapper. He drove back to the site with us and was dumbfounded. We had a polaroid camera and took a photo, I know we still have at least one photo from that day. I live in Hawaii now, but the photo is with some stuff now in storage in New Mexico. Anyway, I think you might find this interesting. - thanks

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Caroline Curtis:

I spoke with Cindy on the phone and she forwarded this polaroid photo. Her husband's boot print is to the left. The tracks were strange enough that they drove back to town just to get her Uncle who is a professional tracker.

She guessed it was in the early 80's in her report, but once she found the photo she realized it was 1975.

Note from Cindy:
"The photo is dated at the top ... Sunday January 26, 1975. I had written on the back of the photo. It is just one photo but when I scanned it to my computer I did it in differing degrees of color for contrast. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a good evening and thanks for contacting me it was a pleasure to speak with you. Cindy".

NOTE from Investigator Matt Moneymaker.

The track in the photo above could possibly be two tracks of a bear, when one paw steps in the track of the other paw. It is very hard to tell either way. It really could be either sasquatch or bear, so here is a photo of what a bear "double track" looks lilke, for comparison.

About BFRO Investigator Caroline Curtis:

  • Worked as an Assistant to a Circuit Court Judge in Florida for thirteen years
  • An avid outdoorswoman, growing up in the UP of Michigan on a family-owned fishing and hunting resort
  • Certified Visual Tracker, Level 1
  • Attended and assisted with numerous public and private BFRO expeditions
  • She and the Florida BFRO organized South Florida Expedition 2008, North Florida Expedition 2008 and Central Florida Expedition in 2009.
  • She and the Michigan BFRO organized the Lower-Michigan Expedition in 2011, Michigan UP Expeditions in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018 and Wisconsin 2018
  • BFRO Secretary for almost 20 years

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