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Report # 21145  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, August 23, 2007.
Man remembers unknown screaming animal passing underneath his deer stand before dawn on Clark Hill Lake
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YEAR: 1978/79


MONTH: October

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Lincoln County

LOCATION DETAILS: I guess things have changes in the last 27+ years, It would take sometime for me to find the dirt road but I think I could

NEAREST TOWN: Lincolnton


OBSERVED: The year was 1978 or 1979, opening day of deer season. We had set up camp the day before and later scouted for the right hunting spot. I chose an area within sight of water from Clarks Hill lake, with lots of deer sign. Saturday morning, opening day, I made my way to my tree stand around 5am,a dense fog was beginning to roll in off the lake and with the darkness and fog, visibility was zero even with a flaslight.
Before daylight, I began to hear screaming like sounds coming from an area above me, they seem to be getting closer as the mins went by, I was about 25 ft off the ground and still I was frozen with fear. I could tell the sounds were close, by the brushes and leaves making a noise and with a few mins I could hear it passed under my tree, I tried to shine my light but it was useless with the fog and darkness.Whatever it was, it continued on pass me still making those sounds.
The fog lifted that morning and around 10:30, I saw one of the hunting camp buddys walking near my area, I whistled to let him know where I was and he walked over and begin to explain what he had heard that morning. I told him it had passed under me but didnt stop. We told our story to the other camp hunters but they had been in other areas and had heard nothing.
I went back the following weekend and waited till the crack of daylight to walk to my stand. I didnt wont to meet this thing before daylight. Around 7:30 am, I killed a deer and went back to camp. My friend who had heard the sounds the weekend before came back to camp with matted hair he had found near his stand and when unrolled some of these were almost 20 inches in lenght. Several months later he told he had someone at the U of Georgia look at them and was told the were not horse or pig hair but without further testing they couldnt determine. The best of my memory it was dropped with out further checking. Thats been over 27 years ago and he has since died.

ALSO NOTICED: The long coarse hair as mention. I cant remember about a smell but with the fog it could have been masked

OTHER WITNESSES: one other, hunting also

OTHER STORIES: I havent been back, this area was over 100 miles from my home

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5 am to 6 am, dark foggy

ENVIRONMENT: Hardwoods,pines within 200ft of the lake

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Ken Johnson:

I spoke with the witness to this incident by phone, and he described the incident as one of the scariest moments in his life. The animal, he said, came down the hollow that drained into Clark Hill Lake, screaming the entire way, and passing beneath him in his deer stand. The thick fog and darkness prevented him from seeing it.

As an avid hunter, this witness is familiar with normal animal sounds that are encountered in the woods, but states that what he heard was not anything like that. He described the sounds the animal made as a female-type screaming, and that it was very loud and big, as if it were made by someone sitting in a room with you that had a good set of lungs. He added that the sounds had tremendous strength to them, and bounced off of nearby trees.

The man's hunting partner was on the ground in another location farther up the cut, and whatever made the sounds passed within one hundred feet of him on its way down and around the lake. Also unable to identify the screamer, his partner's question upon arrival at his stand after the incident was,"what was that?!?"

As he related the series of events he experienced, this witness spoke as someone who has encountered something he cannot explain, and I found him to be quite credible.

About BFRO Investigator Ken Johnson:

Ken Johnson works as production team leader at a manufacturing facility near Cairo, Ga, where he has spent much time camping and hunting in the woods of southwest Georgia. Ken has a BS in Criminal Justice from Georgia Southern University and has been interested in bigfoot since an early age.

Ken has participated in the following BFRO Expeditions: North Florida 2008, Central Florida 2009, Central Georgia 2009, co-organizer of North Florida 2011, attended North Florida 2012 and North Florida 2014, plus numerous private BFRO expeditions and outings. Ken has also been trained as a Visual Tracker-Level 1.

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