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Report # 2115  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Bob L. on Tuesday, April 3, 2001.
White creature in Utah desert exhibits scouting behavior on ridge above hikers
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YEAR: 1994

SEASON: Spring


DATE: May 19,1994


COUNTY: Garfield County

NEAREST TOWN: Boulder, Utah

NEAREST ROAD: can't remember the highway number without a map

OBSERVED: In June, 1996, I was hiking in the Escalante Wilderness on a bench between The Gulch and Deer Creek. There are a number of stony rises between the two areas and my friend and I had to cross the bench in order to make camp at Deer Creek.

As we hiked in a westward direction, the sun was directly overhead. I was the first to notice the movement at the top of the rise (we were less than a mile from the top) and pointed it out to my companion. We puzzled about what it could be.
I have hike in this area and never saw anyone up on the bench during this time of day, over the previous 15 years. And though this had a human shape, it was too large and it was white- I mean paper white, not caucasian. The creature appeared to be pacing as it looked for something.

Suddenly I became very aware it had spotted us as it ducked behind the rocky outcroppings and was obscured from our view. As we were hiking toward the area to cross the bench, we observed as we got closer that the area where the creature stood that it was on the highest point and would require all of our climbing skills to reach. Not knowing what it was, (if it was dangerous or wanted to be left alone), or if it was even there any longer; and being nearly exhausted from our hike and almost out of water, I decided we would hike over the bench and down to Deer Creek. About a half of a mile down the westward slope we both had that feeling we were being watched. We both turned and looked up to that area where we had previously sighted the creature and it was watching us again- then quickly ducked down so we could not see it.

I wrote about it in my journal which I have kept for many years, but am writing from memory now.
I never thought of this as being a "bigfoot" sighting as I hadn't heard anyone ever describe a white bigfoot. But a friend of mine, who is a "bigfoot enthusiast" directed me to this site.
I am still not sure what it was, though I am relatively sure it wasn't human. (Too big and entirely white)


OTHER WITNESSES: Two witnesses. Hiking

TIME AND CONDITIONS: This happened about 1300-1400, it was clear and dry and the area of the sighting was clear of trees or brush- stone formations did obscure the view of the creature.

ENVIRONMENT: This was between Deer Creek and The Gulch, north of the Escalante River but south of Boulder.

Follow-up investigation report:

Additional information surfaced during our phone conversations. Bob is a guide in the area where his sighting occurred and has been backpacking the area annually for about 20 years. During this time he has seen much wildlife though nothing like what he saw on this day. Never has he seen another person on the bench.

Outdoor Magazine has called this area the most wild place in the contiguous U.S. It is located between Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Canyonlands National Parks and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. It is a desert of white hardrock, rolling hills, and gullies with pinyon pine, sage, brush, beaver, lots of fish, mountain lion, and deer. There are many canyons and cliff dwellings in the area. The witness confirms that water is a major limiting factor here, requiring wildlife as well as humans to stay in proximity to it or to plan movements accordingly. Incidentally, it is approximately 1 miles from Deer Creek to the ridge where the white animal was seen.

The animal was first observed while Bob and his friend were coming up out of the gully up onto the bench. It had one arm raised shading its eyes and was pacing back and forth as if looking for something. It was so intent on looking out toward the horizon that it didn't look down to see the two hikers for about 10-15 minutes. It was between 7 and 9 feet tall and pure white. It would've been camouflaged against the white rock if viewed from above but from below it was visible against the blue sky. They weren't afraid but knew better than to approach it like you wouldn't approach a bear.

The witness was reluctant to classify the animal as a sasquatch. He had "never thought of it as that type of sighting" but concedes,"it was some sort of humanoid, too big and too agile to be human. I guess I could accept sasquatch; it walked on two legs". He never considered this a story he would ever repeat except around a campfire...until a camping / hunting friend of his (who records sounds of the wild including some he cannot identify, and whose sincerity he is convinced of) told Bob of a white sasquatch he'd heard about. He thought maybe what he saw was one of those.

Bob's original estimate of 1996 for the year of the sighting was in error. After examining his journal, it was determined that his sighting took place in 1994.

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