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Report # 21977  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 9, 2007.
Possible Wood Knock Interaction at Wildcat Ridge near Rockaway
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: March

DATE: 11

STATE: New Jersey

COUNTY: Morris County


NEAREST TOWN: Marcella/Hibernia/Rockaway

NEAREST ROAD: Upper Hibernia Road

OBSERVED: My wife and I were hiking at Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Management Area in northwestern New Jersey on the afternoon of March 11th 2006. We were heading towards the hawk lookout when I began to hear what sounded like wood knocks coming from behind us to the east. I decided to knock back to see what would happen. I had my Panasonic Digital IC recorder model RR-US360 with me. I knocked while my wife recorded. This happened at approximately 1:30 PM in the afternoon. I have been hiking this area for a few months now and have come across some interesting stick structures. I later found out from a neighbor that lived in the area his entire life that there are caves and mines on the side where the knocks were coming from. Could it be Sasquatch? I do not know for sure, but I cannot think of anything else making these wood knocks and stick structures.

ALSO NOTICED: I have come across some interesting stick structures in the area.

12/5/2007: I forgot to mention that I heard what sounded like a tree crashing to the ground or a large tree limb breaking off a tree prior to recording the wood knocks.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 1:30PM, partly cloudy and relatively warm for this time of year in the low to mid sixties.

ENVIRONMENT: Mainly deciduous forest with some conifers a beaver pond and stream. Split Rock Reservoir and Farny State Park are near by. The overall area is very wooded with many lakes and streams. Knocks Short Version.mp3

Follow-up investigation report:

Although this took place over a year and a half ago, I decided to post this hoping that other people who may have heard wood knocks in the area or had encounters might come forward.

My wife and I were on the orange blaze trail just before the hawk lookout when we heard the knocks. I decided to try knocking back. When you listen to the recording you can tell the difference between my knocks and the possible Sasquatch knocks. My knocks are louder and closer and I sometimes knock twice. The possible Sasquatch knocks are more distant and only knock once. If you listen carefully you may be able to distinguish that there were possibly three Sasquatch knocking. This can be determined by the differences in location between the individual knocks.

Both my wife and I have gone through everything we could think of that could have produced these knocks. The only logical explanation would be another person. However if this was other people one would think they would reply back with two knocks to my two knocks. Also it seems when I knock twice the possible Sasquatch know it is not one of their own and pause for a moment before they commence knocking.

To download the audio to the wood knocks click on the link above and then select clidk here to download.

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