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Report # 2237  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, April 17, 2001.
Early morning encounter on North Texas backroad.
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YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Wise County

LOCATION DETAILS: Please contact me for directions.


NEAREST ROAD: Farm Market Road 1810

OBSERVED: In March 2001 at 4:30 am on my way home from work, on the back roads, something crossed in front of my headlights, this "thing" had long hair, long arms, between 6-7 feet tall and traveling fast. It crossed the road in front of me in 2-3 steps, it stepped over a fence and went into a coastal field out of my vision. It was grayish color but everything in that area is covered in rock crusher dust so it could have been any color. This "thing" was not as hefty as the pictures on your site, but he was tall with long arms. He stood on two feet like a human with long arms and didn't run but was lumbering across the road.
I told others at my work about this and two other men saw the same "thing" on April 12, 2001 about 1 mile from where I saw it. My boss saw "it" when he was a young man and stated it screamed like he had never heard before and couldn't mimic the sound it made. We live in Texas and are hesitant to speak about this but what I saw that morning was something I have never seen before.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me on this sighting coming home from work.

OTHER STORIES: As stated above in my story. 3 other people have seen this "thing."

TIME AND CONDITIONS: My headlights shined on it as it crossed the road. It was a cool night because I had my windows rolled up in my pickup.

ENVIRONMENT: Rock quarries, hills. But at the time it was out in the open crossing a dirt road. There is a creek that runs through that country. The crusher has many pits that are full of water and there are hills around the area.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness via telephone about his close encounter. Even though it had been two years since the incident occurred, and I contacted him in a “cold-call” fashion, the witness presented himself in a very credible manner.

As he had stated in his initial submission, the witness was “getting off work and coming home.” It was approximately 0430 hours when he noticed something up ahead standing on the side of the road. The witness’s first impression, in an instant, was that of a cow, as his mind attempted to rationalize what he was seeing. However, the witness then noticed that “the thing was standing up like a human.” At that moment, it occurred to the witness that he was seeing something highly unusual and as he approached to within 50 feet, the creature “took two to three strides in a fast walk” and was completely across the road.

The witness stated that he believed at that moment that he was seeing “a bigfoot.” He said that it didn’t make sense to him, but there it was, very plain and there was no mistaking it for anything else. It was tall – approximately six to seven feet in height. The bigfoot had “an eye shine” as it looked at him while crossing the road but the witness could not remember a distinct color. The witness stated that he had always heard that the hair of these creatures was brown, but the one he saw “was definitely gray.” The witness attributed the gray coloration to “dust from rock crushing.” Apparently there is a large facility nearby that crushes the limestone rock found in the area. The rock crushing has the rather undesirable effect of giving dark colored objects a gray or off-white hue. The witness went on to say that the hair of the creature was “long but wasn’t shaggy.” The witness said that the sighting happened so quickly that he was unable to discern any other details relating to face, hands, feet, etc.

The witness stated that the animal cleared the road and “stepped over the fence”. That was the last the witness saw of the animal. The witness said, “I started to turn around, but I just went on home.” I asked him if the sighting alarmed him. The witness stated that it surprised him more than anything and that he was not frightened at all.

Summation: Two years had lapsed since the witness reported this sighting, but he was still able to talk to me in a very confident and compelling way. He was not hesitant at all in telling me of the encounter, even though he had endured some skepticism from his friends and co-workers. I asked him if he had entertained the idea of a “man in a monkey suit.” The witness unequivocally stated that it was a real animal and without question what he saw that morning “was a bigfoot.”

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