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Report # 22475  (Class A)
Submitted by witness No on Saturday, December 22, 2007.
Night watchmen at logging camp near Morton describes multiple incidents
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YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 1 through 30

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Lewis County

LOCATION DETAILS: Between the town of Morton and Riffe Lake.


NEAREST ROAD: highway 12

OBSERVED: this all started when we were asked to be night watchmen for a logging company to watch the big equipment during the summer months of july and august. it was last week of july when we got there .

first incedent we went fishing at the pond there and as we were there for about 1 hour and all of sudden we heard a strange short scream with a deep tone off to one side then behind us was another short scream witch sounded like a responce to the first scream. the sound of these screams startled us to as what this could be. my boyfriend has been a hunter and has lived in around these areas for years never have he or i heard a sound like that.
then about 15 min or so another scream back and forth to eachother while we are in the middle then about 7 ducks come out of the bush right at us as more screams were let out by this thing. we emediatly ran to the car and went to drive back to our trailor. another duck came threw the trees and flew directly into the windshield as i kept driving.

about two days latter as i was checking the equipment and making sure they were all locked up as i was walking back down the hill the sun was on the back side of this thing. it looked as though something was down in the water drinking i could here the snorkling as i was standing there thinking posible elks but because the fur seemed to be dark and long kind of a burnt red color. as i stood watching this looked to be a huge log standing up with lots of fur. i couldnt move i just froze. i couldnt scream i simply couldnt move. this thing turned and took one huge step over the top of a log on the ground i thought it was coming after me. then i finally started running down the hill to my boyfriend screams coming out of me and then screams coming out of this thing i yelled as loud as i could for him to run to the trailor. we got over by the door of the trailor. my boyfriend was still over by the car he then heard this thing screaming as it was headed toward the trees then the branches were breaking as screams and then screams down behind us we both went into the trailor. i was so scarred i couldnt leave the trailor. my boyfriend went back out side and listened it sounded as though it was done. he came back into the trailor and asked me what i saw i told him this thing it just came out of the ground. he said a bear i said no taller than a bear like andre the giant just stepping over the rope thats how big this thing was 8 or 9 foot tall easy

the following morning we went out to look for some kind of foot prints saw a couple about 4 foot split between them. the trees were up rooted some were twisted bend down twisted broken off about 7 foot up the tree .

we desided to stay. maybe we could comunicate .... we got comunication by screaming threw the construction cone witch worked almost right away. my boyfriend would scream threw the cone then about 5 min this thing would scream possably 10 yards into the tree line or just very loud. eather way it was the same screams and noises as down at the pond.

as days and nights went by my boyf would keep in contact with this thing it would answer all the time when it was close. the twigs and branches we placed in the ground scinny side pushed into the ground the trees were not the branches of the trees around pushed into the ground.

we then saw stumps that were completely surrounded by branches and branches weeved into trees and looked to beds we found hand prints where the beds were we found hair trapped into the ground like a straw bed.

other things were happening also but i would like to talk to someone about this ordeal i still have nightmares about this please if you read my story contact me thank you

Investigators Addition

The following is a narrative based on an interview with the witnesses at their home on 3/15/08.

The witnesses arrived at the logging site on July 20th 2003. Their job was night watchmen over the logging equipment. It was their responsibility. They were on duty all night. They were off duty during the daylight hours while the equipment was being used.

First Site: The first location is where most of the activity occurred. From the gate the pond is three miles up the road on what they call the Main Line. The trailer was parked a mile further down the road beyond the pond. A large clear cut was on the north side of the trailer site. A road ran north through the clear cut, bending to the east about in the middle. A spur road extended north from the bend in the road and ended at the tree line.

First encounter – The pond.
Date: August 1st
Time: Dusk
Moon: New

The couple was fishing at the pond in the late afternoon. They had been fishing for about an hour when suddenly the first creature screamed, then in a few seconds the second creature screamed. It was just getting dark. The witnesses could not see what they were, but said that the creatures were only about 40 yards to each side of them. The first creature was across the pond to the right side, and the second creature was on their side to their left. The second creature was just beyond where they parked their car.

Not knowing what it was that was screaming, they became afraid and decided to leave. As they were rapidly trying to get to the car, a flock of ducks was flushed from the brush at the end of the pond where the first creature screamed from. The ducks were very spooked. The witnesses jumped into their car and began to head towards their trailer when two very frightened ducks rocketed through the timber between the pond and the road and one actually collided with the driver’s side mirror of their car.

Second Encounter – Eyes in the clear cut.
Date: August 2nd
Time: 12:00-1:00AM
Moon: New
Location: Up in the clear cut, near the logging equipment, which was parked about halfway between the road and the tree line along the right side of the spur road.

Later that night, (after the encounter at the pond) they walked up the road into the clear-cut to check on the equipment. They took a laser light pen with them. After checking the equipment to make sure it was locked up, they were looking to see what might be out in the clear cut (like deer, elk, bear, etc.), when they saw three sets of red colored eyes close to the ground, in the open, just to the left of the spur road. The eyes moved from the left of the road up, onto the road. When the witnesses shined the laser light on the creatures, the eyes seemed to bob and weave trying to duck away from the laser light. The creatures stayed close to the ground, with one set almost on the ground, and the other two higher up. When the laser light hit the creatures, they could see hair about four inches long. Then one set of eyes rose up to be about six feet above the road. They assumed it stood up. Then all three creatures turned and walked away, up the spur road to the tree line.

At the tree line, they turned left and headed down through the trees. The witnesses said that they could hear branches breaking as they walked. They could also hear vocalizations periodically. It sounded like two people who were very annoyed, and complaining. The screams were short vocalizations, like shouts, and were exactly the same as they heard near the pond. That ended the second encounter.

Third Encounter - Whistling,
Date: August 2nd
Moon: New
Time: Late afternoon to dusk
Location: Halfway between the pond and their trailer, on the north side of the main-line road.

The next day, the witnesses decided to take a walk. It was late afternoon. They walked from their trailer back towards the pond and then went up a cat road for a distance. They then turned around because it was getting dark. The boyfriend was getting an uneasy feeling about the situation.

As they were walking out, they began to hear a flute like whistle. When they would stop to listen, the whistle would stop. When they started to walk again, the whistle would start up again. What was making the whistling sound followed them all the way back to the main road. They could not identify what was making the sound.

Fourth Encounter – The little one
Date: August 6th
Time: 11:30 PM
Moon: ½ full
Location: At the creek which ran down from the clear cut and past the trailer.

The female witness went to get water from the creek. She was up in the clear cut a short distance, at a place on the creek where it was easy to fill up the water jugs. She was crouching down filling up her water jugs when she looked up and saw two yellowish looking eyes framed by black, shiny skin. She could see the eyes, nose, cheeks, and forehead. It was five feet away,but down on the ground, looking up at her. She said softly, “You stay right there.”, and backed away. She went to get her boyfriend. When they came back a few minutes later the creature was gone.

Fifth Encounter – The big one
Date: August 7th
Time: Dusk, 10:00 PM
Moon: A little more than ½ full
Location: In the clear cut, at the head of the little stream that flowed out of the clear cut and past the trailer.

The next night, just at dusk, they could still see well enough to work on their car, which was having problems. It was about 10:00 PM. There were big black bees that kept them inside the trailer during the day, so they went back out after the bees went away to work on the car.

The female witness walked up the road leading into to clear cut to check on the logging equipment and make sure that the doors were all closed and locked. Having done that, she was walking back towards the trailer, when she heard this “snorkeling sound” over by the creek. She walked over to take a look at what might be there and saw this big, fur covered butt about 60-70 feet away. At first she thought it might be a bear or an elk. It was on its knees, bending forward, drinking from the creek. Then it stood up as if in slow motion. She said that it looked like a big stump just growing out of the ground. Then it stepped over a 3 foot high stump. She said the creature was 8-9 feet tall, and moved like Andre the Giant stepping into a wrestling ring. She said the hair was a burnt red color with gray tips. She then ran in fear down towards the trailer, screaming as she ran. She stated that she didn’t know if it was chasing her or not, but she could hear it screaming also.

Her boyfriend, hearing her, walked across the road to see what was going on. He said that the creature was moving away, screaming. He said that it threw a fit up in the trees. It was yelling and screaming, breaking trees and branches. The screaming was the same sound as they heard down by the pond. This was the first time they realized what they were encountering.

Sixth Encounter – Tree breaking
Date: August 8th
Time: Approximately midnight
Moon: A little more than half full
Location: 40 yards from the trailer.

The same night they saw the big one in the clear cut, they went out to get water from the creek, but stayed close to the trailer, within 40 yards. They wanted to be close enough to run to safety if necessary. While getting water, they heard a creature walking in the woods close by. The boyfriend threw some rocks in the direction of the sounds. The creature reacted to the rock throwing by violently shaking a small tree. It shook the tree so hard that it fell over. This scared the witness, so he fired his one shot into the air to scare the creature away, and yelled, “Stay away!” At this, the creature went silent and walked away. After the shot, the male creature made a call from above and behind them in the clear cut. By this time, they could identify the two individuals by the sound of their voices. The male makes a louder, deeper call. The female voice is higher pitched, not as loud as the male, and has a distinctive short howling sound she makes at the end of her vocalizations.

After the 5th and 6th encounters, they started walking in the woods during the day, looking for tracks. They found impressions in the moss which were quite large. The interesting thing about the impressions is that there would be a deep heel print, then an undisturbed space, then the front of the foot. The stride was 4 ½ feet. At one muddy bank, the found a track where the sasquatch tried to step up the bank, but it’s foot slipped and made a long five toed slide mark in the mud.

They began to find stick structures in the shape of tripods and tee-pees. There were large ones and very small ones. The interesting thing is that the structures were made with the tips of the poles inserted into the ground and the root end up in the air. They found lines of single poles stuck in the ground, tip end down, like trail markers. They found lean-to type structures made against a large tree, and there was what appeared to be a sleeping nest under it. Inside they found hair, which looks like elk hair, and a full hand print. The hand print was close to human proportions but dinner-plate large. They found a log laying on the ground that had sticks arranged leaning on the log at even intervals.

The couple constructed their own tee-pee near where they found the stick structures and the sleeping nest. The idea was to make a structure as a blind, and then hide out in it at night to see what might show up. They leaned poles up against the side of a big stump and lodged the lower ends into the stump roots. Then they wove sticks horizontally. They spent several hours that night inside this blind.

After a few hours, with nothing happening, they decided to go back to the trailer. They said, “I wonder what the sasquatches will think of our structure.” As they were walking away, they heard one of the sasquatches hoot at them. They were being watched the whole time. The next day, they went back to check on their structure, and found it disassembled, and the sticks neatly stacked in three piles.

Later, they decided to try to mimic the calls they were hearing. They used a construction cone as a megaphone, and by making a call while sucking in air, the male witness was able to imitate the calls. When he called, the creatures would almost always answer.

This interaction continued intermittently until the end of August. The creatures seemed curious about them and hung around at each of the three locations where they camped. They would hear vocalizations from time to time. They said that it would be what they called the “squawk” call, and sometimes there would be wood-knocks or rock-clacking. They heard both the male and female.

The couple was stationed at the first logging site for about one month before being moved to the next logging site about a mile away. This move happened around the first of September.

Second site. The couple stayed at the second site for about three weeks. During this time, they would hear heavy, raspy, breathing from time to time as one of the creatures walked by their trailer. There was a lot of human activity at this time. The sasquatches curious about them, but left them alone.

Third site. They stayed at the third site for two weeks. At this site, they explored the woods around the area. They found stick structures, impressions, and the beds.

The end. The third week of September, they told the logging crew boss about what they had seen and experienced. He was not surprised, but said, “Don’t tell anybody!”. He said that they were afraid that if it was proven that there really were sasquatches then the woods would be closed to logging.

The next day, the witnesses were fired. They were told that their services were no longer required. This was supposed to be a six month job. Three days later, while they were in town, the logging company pulled their trailer out of the woods and left it by the highway.

ALSO NOTICED: footprints, hair, and vocalizing with my boyfriend using a construction cone to mimic his scream the thing responded back on several occasions while we were there as watchman for a logging company for two months total

OTHER WITNESSES: boyfriend down at bottom of hill who heard the screams of this thing and awesome display of power as it stormed through. the tree breaking and uprooting them violently as it seemed to be as scarred as i was

OTHER STORIES: not until we went to the library of rife lake area and found some information we tried to contact some one then but we didnt have an address up in the hills

please like i asked if you would please contact me i would greatly appriciate it my e mail is [edited out]

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was right before dark i was up the hill and the sun light was coming down the back side of this thing

ENVIRONMENT: near the clear cutt area and wooded sections

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor:

The witnesses were interviewed by phone and at length in person. This report is unusual in that there was an extended time of interaction lasting 2 1/2 months. I found the witnesses to be very reliable and consistent, giving details that only people with extended time in contact with the creatures can know.

Based on the witnesses' accounts, and the on-site evaluation at the location, which resulted in some class A and class B encounters by the investigators.,I can only conclude that these two witnesses did indeed have interaction with a family of sasquatches.

The following pictures were taken at the sites.

This is the pond where the first encounter took place,

This is where the female witness saw the big one. There is a spring in the middle of the area shown.

This is the spur road where the witnesses saw the red eyes.

Interesting arrangement of log and sticks woven together.

Note how the sticks are arranged. Both sides of the log are this way. The faint impression below was found near here.

Assisting with the on-site investigation were BFRO investigators John Andrews, Ric Hjertberg, and Walt Philemonof; and the male witness.

About BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor:

Scott Taylor is a retired aerospace manager. He lives in Mason County, Washington. He had his first bigfoot encounter in October 2005 where he was stalked and later heard vocalizations. He attended official BFRO Expeditions in the Washington Cascades in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. He also attended the 2007 BFRO Expedition in the central Oregon Cascades and the 2007 Utah Expedition in the Uinta's. He attended the 2008 and 2009 Olympic Peninsula Expeditions and co-lead the 2013 Expedition. He has participated in numerous speaking engagements over the past 17 years.

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