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Report # 2271  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, April 23, 2001.
Night time sighting by New Brunswick resident near Lawrence Brook
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YEAR: 1969


MONTH: October

DATE: 10

STATE: New Jersey

COUNTY: Middlesex County

LOCATION DETAILS: Take Livingston Ave to Nassau St go up one block to Serviss Ave make a left and a you are there.

NEAREST TOWN: North Brunswick

NEAREST ROAD: Nassau Street

OBSERVED: On a friday night in October of 1969 at 9:30pm, me and another person were sitting in a car on Serviss Ave in North Brunswick, New Jersey. I was 15 years old at the time, and had just come home from a night out.

We were parked on the right hand side of the dead end side of the block. There are two houses on the right side of the street, then there is woods, and then Lawrence Brook.

The moonlight was shining from behind the car towards the brook. While talking I glanced up towards the brook when I seen two red eyes in the middle of the road about 35 to 40feet away. Immediatly I said "whats that thing in the road?" The driver turned his headlights on and thats when we could see that this thing was not a dog or, person, or bear. This thing was hunched down on the ground, and from the ground to the top of its head, it looked to be three and a half to four feet tall.

After the headlights were turned on it sat there for about thirty second. We saw that it was hairy with three to four inch length reddish/brown hair and while standing it was about five feet tall.

After the thirty seconds it stood up turned around and sort of waddled into the woods at a snails pace. We guessed it was ticked off by the headlights, and good thing because we were scared and locked our doors.

Once it went into the woods I exited the car and ran into the house. The driver threw the car into reverse backed out into Nassay Street, threw the car into gear and sped off down to Livingstone Ave.

After I went inside my house I told my mother, whose answer was it must have been a dog or bear, and thought nothing of it. This was a one time occurance and I have not seen anything like it since, but I did hear other things when I lived there.

ALSO NOTICED: I played in these woods and the brook as a child and noticed some very odd structures made of thorns. One time back there I and another child were followed by something. We had no clue as to what it was, but it scared us and we left the woods fast.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two - me and the driver. We were talking

TIME AND CONDITIONS: at 9:30pm it was dusk it was very warm and a clear night

ENVIRONMENT: Lawrence Brook runs through multiple towns in Middlesex County. Small area of woods which surrounds it. Very large storm drains about five feet in diameter.

Follow-up investigation report:

Spoke with the witness over the phone on 12/11/2005.

The first thing she noticed was the red eyes. When it stood upright it was about five and half to six feet tall. The hair was between five to six inches long, and was dark brown to black. She compared it to a shaggy dog. The arms were very long almost to the ground.

She had no doubt that it walked on two legs, not four, as it proceeded slowly into the woods. She said it had an ape like appearence.

The witness also recalled when she was a child playing in the woods close to her house, she would find tent like structures made out of thorny branches woven together. On more than one occasion she had the uneasy feeling of being watched while playing in the woods. In one instance she and her friend where chased out of the woods by something running behind them. They could not see what it was but they could hear it breathing. The witness also heard strange screams coming from the woods close to her house when she was a child. The only incident where she saw something was the one she describes, above.

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