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Report # 2279  (Class A)
Submitted by witness L. on Sunday, July 25, 1999.
Multiple witness sighting near Beards Creek Church, outside Glennville
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YEAR: 1982

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Tattnall County

LOCATION DETAILS: This occured in the countryside of Glennville, Georgia. The name of the road was Beards Creek Road. The sighting was near Beards Creek Church.

NEAREST TOWN: Glennville

NEAREST ROAD: Beards Creek Road

OBSERVED: Two friends and I were driving out to the country to check out and old graveyard. Near the old graveyard there's a new church and a larger new graveyard.

It was late at night probably around ten or eleven pm. We were heading down a dirt road to go to the old graveyard. Around the new church there was a big street light. As we passed by the church we noticed this big shadow standing (on two feet) under the light. We turned around to check it out thinking it was a person and wondering why they were there so late at night. As we headed toward this shadow it took off running still on 2 feet toward the new graveyard. We followed it with the car through the graveyard on dirt road. We drove up next to a large headstone and just as we thought we lost sight of this thing it stood up from behind the headstone. We froze as it stared at us.

It was very tall, about 7 or 8 feet, and had long brown hair that covered it's entire body. It's eyes looked red, I guess from the glare of the head lights. It only stood there for a few short seconds and then turned and ran off into the woods. Needless to say after seeing it we did not try to continue to follow it.

We were just teenagers and having a few beers that night so we never told anyone about this. We thought they would just say we were crazy or drunk. I did however hear other stories about other sightings of something like this in that area. Also heard one story that it might have been a lost soldier since this was close to [Fort Stewart] Army base.

I never really knew what it was that we saw that night. Didn't want to go back and find out.

OTHER WITNESSES: We were driving to see the old graveyard and church because there were rumors of ghost out there. We did drink a beer on the way out there, but we were not drunk. We still had our senses working properly.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Around 10 or 11 pm

ENVIRONMENT: The church was built on an old country road. It is or was (been 17 years since I have been there) a wooded area. There were swamps and a lot of farm land out there. It is close to an army base called Fort Stewart.

Follow-up investigation report:

An incident involving an Army patrol in Fort Stewart occured near this location in 1995.

See report # 4109
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