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Report # 23558  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Please edit names and use Initials on Tuesday, April 8, 2008.
Friends lost on backroads west of Olympia are stunned by a creature with large green eyes
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YEAR: 2008

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 5th

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Grays Harbor County

LOCATION DETAILS: Please keep the specifics about how to get to the location confidential. We consider this a very special place.

NEAREST TOWN: Mcleary or Elma-in between

NEAREST ROAD: Hwy 8 runs about 15/20 miles to the north. Hwy 12 is far south

OBSERVED: My boyfriend E. P. and I were with our good friend D. I. who was driving an F150 pickup truck. We had gone up onto the logging roads for the boys to teach me how to shoot a shotgun better. It is very desolate and has very thick forests. We went in near the Elma/Satsop, WA area and drove for hours. We ended up getting lost but knew the A and B line roads (which we were on from what the Garman told us) came out somewhere near Capitol forest. By this time it was pretty late and we were ready to go home. We ended up turning around somewhere in between and found ourselves going around a corner with a hill coming down on the left hand side that had lots of tall pine trees and low laying brush/stumps. The next few moments all kind of fade together so I will try to type them out as clear as possible without the cursing involved. I was sitting in the middle seat and I saw a flash of HUGE eyes first in the headlights. By this time I had said "holy **** look at that" and D. I. had stopped the truck and opened his door and gotten out because whatever it was was at about a 35 deg angle on the left side not even 100 yrds away from us and my boyfriend sitting on my right had no clue what was going on. Let me just say that both boys I was with have done lots of hunting and are familiar with animal reactions and their sizes/eye shape, etc. I am still sitting in the middle of the seat and my boyfriend has gotten out now too and I am FROZEN in fear. I feel like 5 minutes go by that I am staring in to the largest greenish glowing eyes I have ever seen. I felt like time literally stopped. D. I. with his door open to my left is so shooken up that he cannot even get the bullet into the shotgon, or even hold it. All of the sudden my boyfriend said I started shrieking and screaming, and I felt like I was snapped out of a trance and I saw its outline. What sticks out the most besides the eyes was huge forearms that it seemed to be proping itself up on. I didn't notice color. It was atleast 700/750lbs. I kept screaming and now crying(I never even knew I was) and both boys jumped back into the truck, my boyfriend was still wondering what D. I. and I had both saw. My nose started gushing blood (the first nosebleed I've had in many years) and I don't know if it was from the absolute terror of the moment. The thing didn't move the whole time which is so strange even for a bear or elk in the headlights. We drove off and it RAN up the hillside that was slanted up to the left. The next hour in the truck was so weird and D. I. didn't want to talk at all about it. All he would say over and over was "that was huge, the eyes, huge.." We all wanted to get the hell out of the woods. The next day he came over. He said one really weird thing was he woke up with a nose bleed and he hadn't had one in many years too. We talked more about it and it kept getting more strange to him. He is the type of person who talks himself out of things like this to not seem like a pussy. I am not the type of girl that gets scared easily. I never scream or cry I have grown up camping and backpacking in the woods and have seen many animals. Never in my whole life have I experienced something so strange, shocking, and terrifying all at the same time. This happened a couple of days ago and I still cannot sleep a whole night through without thinking about it.

ALSO NOTICED: I think I stated in above

OTHER WITNESSES: D. I. was driving the vehicle

OTHER STORIES: There have been many sightings near this area but I have never heard of anything at the same place.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: around 11:30pm. Pitch dark except for headlights. Had been drizzling on and off all day long and overcast. It was probably upper 30's because at some points on the logging roads it had slushy rain drops.

ENVIRONMENT: VERY lush. Many Pine trees. Creeks near by. The soil was very rocky and loose. There was lots of bushes or brush covering around the area that looked like it had been logged a long time ago. There were no man-made structures around except the gravel road.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator David W Ellis:

I spoke with the witness about her experience. She was calm and honest about her encounter as she recounted the evening of April 5th. Nothing was unusual until they could not find their way back to Olympia via the logging roads. They had been driving for what seemed like a couple of hours when they came around a corner and she saw the flash of huge green eyes about 7 to 8 feet off the ground. For some reason they slowed to a stop. The eyes did not move.

What happened next seemed like a surreal dream. She was transfixed on the eyes, which in her words, were larger than anything she has ever seen. She grew up in the area and loves the woods. Animals do not frighten her, but she was overwhelmed with terror. She could not figure out why this dread was so over powering.

I can add the following information to the report. Originally she states that the creature is 100 yards away. Upon further questioning it was more like 100 feet away. She was able to give more detail about the creature. Its head was somewhat round. The shoulders appeared to go right to the head, no neck. The shoulders also sloped downward giving the appearance of being hunched over. She thought the creature was leaning forward. Her friend independently estimated the height to be about nine feet tall and thought the creature was upright the whole time. The forearms were long and extraordinarily big. The creature was black and barely in the headlights of the car. No distinguishing characteristics other than massive, much larger than the twenty four inch diameter trees it was standing beside. I asked her about the creature running up the hill. Although she could not see its legs the creature just bull dozed its way through the brush at an astonishing speed. It was faster than a deer.

The event was traumatizing and the three spent another couple of hours trying to figure out how to get back home. It was a very long and intense ride.

A week later the two boys went back to the same location. It was again late in the evening. Unfortunately they got a flat tire. After they put on the spare they did not get very far before they had another flat tire. They had to walk a couple of miles down the road in the dark before they got cell reception and called our witness to have her come pick them up. She was not thrilled about having to drive alone back to the area by herself.

About BFRO Investigator David W Ellis:

  • Senior Sales Representative for Lightolier / Philips
  • Currently residing on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound
  • Attended several public and private expeditions in Washington State
  • Assisted with the 2009 expeditions on the Peninsula and the Cascades

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