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Report # 2441  (Class C)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, June 27, 1998.
Creature seen hiding behind a large boulder
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YEAR: 1995


PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: Occurred on on the east side of Princes Royal Island, about mid-island. The island is approximately 400km long and is 2km from the mainland. The person accessed the old cutblock by floatplane. It is called Spirit Island, or Keremodi (which are rare white bears) Island.

Closest native community is Kelmtu (approx. 100 people).

NEAREST TOWN: Prince Rupert

OBSERVED: The incident was described second hand to me by a forestry technician who moved from the Prince Rupert District, and he was told the incident from a Female forestry technician and he vouched for her that she doesn't BS or tell lies and was shaken up about the incident. She went by floatplane to check on a spacing project on a old cutblock harvested in the 1970's. The spacers had finished the project, and she was alone on the site. She was finished checking the site and was walking out of the block on an old road at approx. 4pm in the afternoon. She was walking down a hill and noticed something watching her. She turned around and saw a tall furry (dark brown, long arms) animal taking two strides and hiding behind a large boulder. When it walked it had bent knees. It was not a bear. She was spooked and took out her bear mace (guard) and took off towards the beach (the pick-up spot) at a good pace.

OTHER STORIES: Newspaper article-told to me by the same forest Technician. Prince Rupert paper, Two fisherman hit a rock in a Storm, and bailed out of sinking fishing boat,into a lifeboat, they made it to Banks Island,100 kms from Kitimat, B.C. They radioed out for rescue help, and spent a couple of days on Banks Island waiting for rescue. Late one evening they saw a bigfoot walking on the beach, One came and checked out their camp, they noticed large tracks around their camp, they didn't hear the bigfoot. The incident happened in the Fall of 1993.

ENVIRONMENT: On an old road within a spaced cutblock. Coastal trees(Hemlock, Douglas Fir,Cedar) and steep mountainous terrain at the center of the Island.

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