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Report # 24751  (Class A)
Submitted by witness No on Wednesday, September 17, 2008.
Young man, on camping trip with his family, sees a sasquatch near Naselle
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YEAR: 2008

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 12

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Pacific County

LOCATION DETAILS: between lake radar and snag lake

NEAREST TOWN: nasselle


OBSERVED: it was in between two shrub like bushes just out of the forest hard to see area he was just looking around at me and everything else then i said "hello? and he/she made a loud hard grunt. he/she was a light grayish brown. about 7 1/2 feet tall .hands, not paws. my mother got scared after she heard it from about 1/4 a mile away and then i heard the bushes deep in the forest rattle then i heard another call that was like a sueeky grunt then he/she turned and walked towards the sound .i got scared and ran to my mom and the next day i went back to where he was and there was a broken tree branch and the the bush was kind of stomped down. there were no foot prints.

ALSO NOTICED: posted above

OTHER WITNESSES: no my mom only heard the noises

OTHER STORIES: 2003 my dads freind saw one on the side of highway on the way to puget island and reported it on this site

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 7:30pm sun starting to go down

ENVIRONMENT: bushy in front foresty hard to see in back

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor:

This witness is a boy, 12 years old. I spoke with his grandfather and mother, obtaining permission to interview him. The witness was very mature in his manner of speaking. Actually, he was more clear and to the point with answering questions than many adults. At the first interview, he was not able to help me pinpoint the location, but shortly thereafter, he e-mailed me a picture from Google Earth with the location shown. His effort to follow-up was unexpected of a 12 year-old.

This young man was walking down a dirt road and when he came around a right hand turn in the road, he noticed the creature about 150 ft away. He said that the creature looked at him for about 10 seconds. He said, “Hello?” and the creature made a vocalization back at him. His description and mimic of the vocalization was very similar to the deep sounding “blaaat” call that the night watchmen near Morton, WA heard, see report #22475. He then heard a squeaky grunt back in the forest. The creature then turned and retreated back into the trees. He heard branches breaking and then ran back to his mother.

The creature was reported to be gray-brown, about 7 ½ ft tall. There was hair around the face. He was not close enough to see details of its face. The head was very large, and egg shaped. The pointy end of the “egg” was up. He saw that the creature had hands. He said that he saw the creature’s chest, arms and head, but could not determine gender.

There are other reports from the general area of this report, see report #23300.

This area, the sequence of events, the description of the creature's appearance and behavior, the vocalizations, and other information not included in the witness' written report, all lead me to conclude that this lucky young man had a eyewitness encounter with a sasquatch.

About BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor:

Scott Taylor is a retired aerospace manager. He lives in Mason County, Washington. He had his first bigfoot encounter in October 2005 where he was stalked and later heard vocalizations. He attended official BFRO Expeditions in the Washington Cascades in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. He also attended the 2007 BFRO Expedition in the central Oregon Cascades and the 2007 Utah Expedition in the Uinta's. He attended the 2008 and 2009 Olympic Peninsula Expeditions and co-lead the 2013 Expedition. He has participated in numerous speaking engagements over the past 17 years.

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