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Report # 24881  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 12, 2008.
Strange vocalizations heard in the Markdale area
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YEAR: 1995

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August




NEAREST TOWN: Markdale - Grey County

NEAREST ROAD: County Road 12

OBSERVED: Visiting my mother's old house located on a 100-acre maple wood lot between Markdale and the Beaver Valley in South-Western Ontario. Surrounding area is a mixture of fields and large expanses of wood lots. It was late in the evening on a warm day - perhaps around 11 p.m. A clear night with no wind. My mother's ex-common-law huband called me outside with him however I don't recall if it was to hear the sounds or to have a drink with him. In any case we were outside and listening to what I can only describe as an animal "screaming" a long way in the distance. The screams were certainly not human and not close to our location. I would guess the animal making the sounds was a good mile or two from our location but that's only a guess. At times we straigned to hear the sound. I say not human as neither of us at any time considered them to be human. My mother's ex is an accomplished outdoorsman who has participated in a month long wildness course in B.C. He has spent much time in the outdoors and even he was at a loss for what could be making this noise. During our discussion about this screaming or high pitch moan he mentioned possibly seeing cougar tracks at the end of the driveaway earlier that week which he would not tell my mother about so as not to scare her. It is not uncommon to hear reports of cougars from time to time however these are often dismissed by the local authorities. The local Owen Sound newspaper had a few reports of cougar sightings in the spring of 2008 south of Owen Sound. This sound we heard that evening for about a half hour did not sound anything like a big cat. While I say it didn't sound human it certainly was a vocalization I would attritube more with a human than an animal like a cougar or coyote. That being said, I cannot conceive how a human could make that sound - it was certainly a little unnerving. Over the years I have listened to animal sounds such as cougars, wolves, bobcats etc to try and capture that sound again but the only sound that compares to it are the believed audio recordings of Sasquatch. I wish I'd had a recording devise to capture the sound but at the time we were so captivated by it that we just stood their listening. I also don't think there was an audio recorder available. We were certainly both puzzed by the sound which eventually grew fainter and then stopped.

As a side note, some months later (maybe even a year later), my mother's ex-husband mentioned that hunters in the area have reported seeing what can only be described as baby monkies while hunting. I believe I was close to laughing when he told me - I really thought he was pulling my leg. From what I gather the sightings are rare and short-lived and probably out of fear of ridicule or even disbelief at what they saw, the stories are kept within a small group of people. I thought he was pulling my leg as my family is aware of my interest in Sasquatch. I was sceptical as well as I am in all bigfoot reports. I was certainly sceptical of what he was now claiming. This is rural southern Ontario with few true wilderness areas left - how is this possible? He then went as far as to say that he had seen one of these "monkies" running across a road late at night once - I believe it was late at night. This sighting is what caused him to talk to be about it. From what I recall the sighting did not last more than a few seconds and as soon as he saw what he described as a small monkey is was gone. The sighting happened within a year or two of the sounds we heard and I believe within a few miles of the same location. I still wonder if he was pulling my leg but I have nothing to support that he was lying to me. The recent footage of the "Baby Bigfoot" which appears to be a monkey playing in a tree behind a group of campers in New York State brought back this memory so I include it here as well.

However, I cannot deny the sounds we heard that night and the fact that I cannot pinpoint any "known" animal that could have made them. To me it is utterly amazing that a large ape could be living in this country with very few people ever seeing it but that's a part of the fasincation and mystery. I now carry a camera with me whenever walking the woods.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 witness who was standing outside with me when we heard the sounds.

OTHER STORIES: No other vocalizations and there are very few sightings in this area. Only one that I know about which took place about a half hour away south of the town of Flesherton.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 11 p.m. clear night with no wind so sounds carried a long way.

ENVIRONMENT: Rural area with farmland and large areas of maple bush and swamps.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Todd Prescott:

Reportee was interviewed over the phone on October 15, 2008. Here are some more details given:

The sound lasted for about 20-30 minutes. It sounded mournful with a high-pitch timbre. The sound was consistent and didn't change in pitch. There were moments when it did sound louder and then quieter. At times reportee had to strain to hear the sound. There were short pauses of no more than a minute, and then the sound would start up again.

The sounds closest to what he heard can be found by clicking on the link below, then click on the 1973 Whoop-Howl from Puyallup, Washington and the 1978 Whoop-Howl from Snohomish County, Washington.

BFRO Sound Recordings

About BFRO Investigator Todd Prescott:

Todd Prescott has been researching the subject of bigfoot for well over 20 years Todd attended the 2006 and 2008 B.C. Coastal Expeditions, 2008 and 2011 Pennsylvania Expedition, 2010 Pennsylvania Mini Expeditions, the 2007 Ontario Expedition and he hosted the Ontario 2009 Expedition. His research has taken him as far as Alaska to PA, Northern Ontario to BC, including a 2-week solo expedition throughout the Bella Coola (B.C.) region. In 2012, 2013, and 2014, Todd had the honor and privilege of spending many days/nights with one of the pioneers of sasquatch research, Mr. John Green (1927-2016), in BC where he was granted permission to peruse Mr. Green's extensive files dating back to 1957. Todd also had the unique experience of researching with Mr. Green near Harrison Hot Springs one evening. Currently, Todd is working on several books pertaining to the subject of sasquatch.

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