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Report # 24936  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Brian on Thursday, October 23, 2008.
Sighting off Indian Road behind isolated (at the time) Desert Hot Springs Condo complex
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YEAR: 1979

SEASON: Spring


DATE: n/a

STATE: California

COUNTY: Riverside County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was at the desert Hot Springs condominium complex approx.10 miles north of Palm Springs

NEAREST TOWN: Desert Hot Springs, CA.

NEAREST ROAD: Indian Avenue

OBSERVED: Was going back to close shop at approx. 10PM in the northern desert above Palm Springs, CA., and saw a huge light tan colored biped with soft blowing hair .Because I was in a small VW bug with the light pointing down into the street upon leaving the driveway facing out into the desert.

I froze there with my dim headlight on it and it too froze there completely still,. I flashed my worthless high beams at it and it took 2 giant steps backwards and then one to my left, it's right and was gone into the dark. I was overcome with severe fear, panic and anxiety, and had to return home again.

I was armed with a .45 at the time and was still worried that if I shot it I would be in real trouble. Enormous, with the chest the size of a refrigerator. arms that hung below the knees and were still huge. I did not speak with anyone about it right away because who ever heard of a desert Bigfoot, But later found out that all the locals call him, "Yucca Man".

ALSO NOTICED: I went out the next day, armed, for a 'walk' out there and you coudn't tell a footprint for your life out there.

OTHER WITNESSES: A girl friend who could not dig her glasses out in time to see it.

OTHER STORIES: I heard it terrorizes the marines at 29 Palms base.


ENVIRONMENT: Desert, almost completely isolated community.

A & G References: Southern California DeLorme Atlas Page 107, Index of A- 4

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

I called Brian and we went over his short visual encounter of a very large hairy creature he observed on the north side of this remote desert hot springs condominium located on Indian Avenue, north of Hwy. 10. At the time of the sighting, that area around his condo was just plain desert and remote with no other buildings or homes in that area. There is not a lot to add to this story.

The location of that condominium complex is located about 10 miles east of the San Bernardino Mountains and the Morongo Indian Reservation; about 7 miles northeast of the San Jacinto Mountains; about 7 miles to the east is the Joshua Tree National Monument; a few miles to the north are some lower desert mountains and the 29 palms area; to the south is the town of Palm Springs; and a little further south are the Santa Rosa Mountains.

As his headlights crossed this desert area that is located on the north side of his condo complex, this creature seemed to step out from behind a yucca tree that was located approximately 150 ft away from him and his vehicle's headlights, which were on low beams at that time. He immediately switched them over to high beams so he would be able to see this strange creature just a little better. But no, he still couldn't' see the complete creature due to the poor lighting system on his vehicle, and the height of this creature.

The creature then froze for a second, and as the headlight beams were changed this creature then took two quick steps backward and one to its right, which put it completely in the dark and out of sight of the weak headlight beams. What he did, or didn't see during this very short sighting time, was that he couldn't see above its chest area. But what he did see were two very large legs that looked like tree trunks and two very large arms and hands that seemed to extend below its knees. It had a chest that looked liked a large refrigerator that had 2 - 3" hair all over its legs, body and arms. He didn't see any mammary glands on its chest and the color of this creature seemed to be a light, sandy brown color.

Witness stated that at the time he was filled with absolute terror and fright, plus he was completely shook-up during this very short sighting period. The witness stated the he was a Vietnam veteran, and he could not understand why seeing something like this could shake him up so much.

The witness seemed to be very credible in his rendition of what took place back in 1979 during his encounter. I believe that Brian saw a large creature from the shoulders down for a very short time, and it still bothers him because of the effects that occurred to him during that sighting. The next day this witness stepped off 50 large steps between his vehicle and where the creature was seen, but he couldn't see any footprints or anything else that might have been of value. What is interesting is the fact that this creature was seen in a total desert location; even though there are mountainous areas within a few miles of this location.

About BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

  • Four years in the United States Navy, 1955-1959 (Combat Air Crewman on P4M Mercator Patrol Aircraft)
  • 37 years in the aerospace industry: 33 years with General Electric at Edwards AFB; More than 5 years with the Northrop Grumman Corp. at Edwards AFB (Flight Line Mechanic on the B-2 Bomber).
  • During 20 of those years at Edwards he was a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for the County of Los Angeles.

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