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Report # 25085  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 21, 2008.
Woman witnesses eyes peering into her living room near the rural town of Montrose
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YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: don't remember

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Susquehanna County

LOCATION DETAILS: it is on rual route 706west out of Montrose, in Jessup township. dense woods off of our property and a mountain behind them. a creek on property also.Heavy deer population in this area.

NEAREST TOWN: Jessup twnshp.


OBSERVED: It was December,2007. My husband and I and our two dogs were home and My husband was lying on the couch with our dogs,he was reading the newspaper and watching tv. I came into the living room to tell him something, as I was leaning over him,something caught my attention out of my periphiel vision. I saw what looked like two red spots at the _top of my blinds on our living room window. I turned to look at it further and soon the two red spots formed eyes, very large eyes, I kept watching from where I stood and the eyes looked right at me,we were looking at each other. I wasn't frightened,just astonished to what I was seeing,and then what ever it was it turned it's head and walked away from my window. Just to state a fact of point,my mini-blinds were white, down all the way and the blinds themselves were folding downward,so,anyone outside can see in,but,if they are up you can't see in. Mind you,Our moble home is 14' high and 70'long on two acres of land in a rual area.outside of Montrose,PA. We sold our property in Feb.2008.
I never went outside to investigate what I saw, I figured that I would leave well enough alone,just let whatever it was be on it's intended journey. Although, I am amazed that niether dog reacted to it.

ALSO NOTICED: two or three years previously I heard loud vocalizations on top of the mountain out back. It was summertime,in the afternoon into the evening. The sounds were like loud screetchy,screaming coming from a very large animal! It was very eerie. Then late evening around 9-10pm it stopped. The sound started at the top of the mountain,then progressively got louder as it got closer to the edge of the woods. then like I said it stopped, I never heard it again.

OTHER WITNESSES: my husband was in the same room but,I didn't bring it to his attention, he was reading the paper.

OTHER STORIES: none that I know of.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was night time,I want to say 10 or 11pm. it was winter,snow on the ground. cold,clear night.
We were home watching tv.with our 2 dogs.

ENVIRONMENT: There is pine forest off property,then a mountain. There are stone quaries. lots of underground springs on property also.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Istvan Steve Ujvari:

The witness entered her living room to look over her husband's shoulder as he was reading the paper late in the evening. She noticed in her peripheral view at her 9 o'clock position and at a distance of approximately 7 ft, a pair of glowing red "objects". She turned to look at them directly and realized that they were a set of large eyes peering inside from above her mini-blinds on her living room window.

I asked to witness to describe the set of eyes as accurately and in as much detail as she could and she had this to add:

- She believes that the golf ball sized eyes themselves were red and were "glowing" red because of the reflection from the living room light.

- The witness estimated that the distance between the center of the eyes was approximately 3-4", much greater than the same measurement on her 6' 4" husband that she used for comparison.

- The eyes were described as "deep set" and the witness noticed that there were wrinkles beneath them.

After the witness first noticed the set of eyes out of her peripheral vision, she turned to look at them directly and observed that they went from scanning the room to looking directly back at her.

This continued for an estimated 3-5 minutes. During that time the eyes blinked several times. Eventually the creature blinked one last time, turned its head and presumably walked away.

Because of her astonishment during the encounter she never said a word to her husband. Nor did she try to direct his attention away from his paper.

Judging by the distance from the ground in front of the window in question to the level where the eyes appeared, the witness estimates the creature's height to have been 7.5' - 8' tall if it was standing completely upright during the time of the sighting.

Both of the witness' dogs were laying down in the living room close to her husband at the time. She was very surprised that neither of them had noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Approximately one month before the incident the witness was walking into her bathroom when she heard a low, guttural growl from just outside of her mobile home that made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Her female dog was close by and immediately went to the nearest door with outside access. It began sniffing under the bottom of that door. Meanwhile, the witness raced away in fear towards another part of her residence.

As mentioned above, she also had an experience a few years back on the same property with a "a very loud and powerful, human-like screeching sound" that started at approximately 1-2 pm and continued at 20 minute intervals until roughly 9 pm. The sound continued to gradually descend off the mountain throughout the course of the day. Both of the witness' dogs were by her side during this encounter. The older male dog, which was typically afraid of loud noises, wanted to hide while the female dog stayed by her side and seemed to be especially curious about the noises.

Throughout the course of my conversation with the witness I found her to be very sincere about her experiences. She relayed the encounter(s) to me without hesitation. Since the last occurrence on her property, which was the set of peering eyes, she has moved to N.Y. state.

About BFRO Investigator Istvan Steve Ujvari:

Steve Ujvari moved to the U.S. from Transylvania when he was six years old and has resided in northeastern Pennsylvania for the last 28 years. His interest in sasquatch research began when he saw the Jacobs' photos that were taken in his home state. Steve is a pilot for a major U.S. airline. He also has a background in environmental studies and is an avid outdoorsman/bowhunter.

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