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Report # 25156  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, December 10, 2008.
Very close daylight sighting by a woodcutter driving down a logging road east of Nordman
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YEAR: 1980


MONTH: October

DATE: Oct. 28, 1980

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Bonner County

LOCATION DETAILS: East from Nordman on Reeder Bay Road. After 1/2 mile, North on Tangle Creek Road. Sighting right after loggers 2 mile marker.

NEAREST TOWN: Nordman Idaho


OBSERVED: I was driving down a logging road, passing a J hole in the road. To my left BF caught my eye as it started to slide down the embankment, on its feet. Standing up, almost sking. I turned toward him, following him in my pickup, as close as his arm reach. Im not a journalist, so if someone would care to call me about this I would be more than happy to describe my encounter. I had a great view of him for 20 to 30 seconds, walking along side then in front on my pickup.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 15:30 weather was clear and dry with excellent visual

ENVIRONMENT: old growth and newer growth forest steep and rolling hillsides

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Todd Strong:

After interviewing the witness, the following can be added to his account. Witness is now a retired truck driver and he has hunted, fished and camped his entire life. He and two other men were collecting firewood along the road for personal use. When the trucks were full, the two other men got into their 2-ton and left. The witness followed about 5 mts. later. He drove past a carved out section in the road that he and a small group had camped in the weekend before. They spent that weekend picking huckleberries which were heavy that year. The pullout has a 5 ft. high embankment. As he looked in, he saw a Bigfoot step off the top of the embankment 30 ft. away. Looking surprised, it grabbed some pine branches at the top and appeared as if it tried putting on the brakes. It slid down the embankment on its feet, its left foot slightly forward. Once it got to the road ground, it started walking to head-off and get around the witness' pickup. It met the truck as it was going about 5 mph and walked alongside it. It was within arms length at this point. Its walking pace was faster than the truck and when it got a lead on the truck, it crossed in front of the vehicle. As it entered the road, and crossed in front of the truck, it turned its upper body to the right then to the left, surveying the area. When it was right in front of the truck, it held out its hand to touch the hood of the truck. The witness then slammed on his brakes and stopped. It stepped off the other side of the road and took very long strides into the undergrowth. It had brownish red hair, mostly red, that was about six inches long. Its face had very little hair on it. It had very big, black eyes and it made eye contact with the driver most of the time. He saw dark lips. He saw nothing to indicate the gender, but thinks it was a young male. What would be the belly button area was barely over the hood of his truck, a 1972 Ford pickup with off-road tires. The height was estimated to be 7 ft. tall. Comparing it to the Patterson film creature, he stated It was thick and stocky but not as big and the face was not as hairy. The entire sighting lasted 10-15 seconds.

Earlier in the day, the witness was picking up chains and tools along the road and had a feeling something was watching him, he assumed it was a deer.

After the sighting he sat for a few minutes, the witness then got out to look for footprints. He couldn't find any.

About BFRO Investigator Todd Strong:

Todd Strong has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and is self-employed.
He is a Certified Visual Tracker; Level 1.
Todd has been an avid outdoorsman since childhood. Attended the following BFRO expeditions:
Utah 2007, Northern California Spring 2008, Olympic Peninsula Washington 2008, Northern California Spring 2009, Northern California Fall 2009, Wyoming 2010, Olympic Peninsula Washington 2011.
Todd was the Expedition Organizer for the Utah 2010 expedition and is organizing the Utah 2012 expedition.

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