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Report # 26095  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, June 7, 2009.
Mother and son observe creature standing in road Northwest of Ulen
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YEAR: 2009

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: 4th

STATE: Minnesota

COUNTY: Clay County

LOCATION DETAILS: Address not shown to protect the location


NEAREST ROAD: County Highway 34

OBSERVED: Back in January of 2007 we found some foot prints that were not identifiabl. They seemed to look almost human like and were quite large. It seemed that about every two weeks there were new sets of prints.
In March of2009 my son and I actually saw some type of large hair covered creature that we caught in the headlights of the car. We estimated that this creature was 7-8 feet tall, hair covere it's body and it had quite long arms.
These incidents happened around the Ulen, MN area, in a wooded area and next to the Wild Rice river. I quite honestly had been a bit of a non believer until I saw with my own eyes in March.

OTHER WITNESSES: my son,was in the car with me at the time of the sighting.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: we don't honestly know, but the tracks were first seen in the daylight. The incident in March when my son and I saw the creature,was around midnight and it was a fairly calm night.

ENVIRONMENT: wooded area, river bottom, one small bridge, three gravel pits very near.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Chris S.:

As the witness and her son were driving to her motherís house early in March of 2009, they came upon a creature standing in the middle of the road just beyond her motherís driveway. Upon seeing the creature standing there, she immediately stopped the vehicle.

The creature stood very still in place and did not move from the spot where the witness first saw it. The two startled witnesses watched the creature for a few minutes at an estimated distance of 200 feet. The creature stood in the middle of the road for the duration of the encounter, which lasted two to three minutes at the most.

The witness described the creature as seven to eight feet tall, with a muscular build like a football player in full gear. She described the creatureís hair as a two-toned brown, shaggy, and about two to three inches long. The fur was not matted, but appeared coarse and thick. She said the evening was calm, with no wind, so she did not see the hair move at all. She said the creature looked off toward the river during the whole encounter, which is about 150 feet to the west of where the sighting occurred.

The creature never looked directly at the vehicle. She said the vehicle headlights illuminated the creature, but only from the chest down, thus she did not get a look at the creatureís face. The encounter ended when the witness turned onto her motherís driveway and continued on to her motherís house, which is approximately 500 feet away down a semi-wooded driveway.

The witness stated that during the encounter she did not feel afraid, or that she and her son were in any type of danger. She feels that she and her family have come to terms with the fact that there may be some sort of creature(s) living in the area, and are at ease with that fact, because it seems to them that the creature(s) have caused no harm to them, their property, or their animals.

Also, in this report, the witness mentions tracks that were seen crossing her mother's property in the winter of 2007. She and her family discovered several sets of tracks which appeared in the snow at her motherís farm. The tracks seemed to appear every two weeks or so. The track lines would traverse through her motherís yard, always from south to north, and they never seemed to deviate from their south - north orientation. The track line would enter the property from the south and continue in a northerly direction, as if passing through the area on its way to another area. At one point, a family member followed the tracks, but lost the trail near the river.

I find this witness to be very credible. She was very sincere and frank with me as she told me the details of what she saw that night in the road.

About BFRO Investigator Chris S.:

He is now working with Pieper's and Hebb's Minnesota group. Caroline

Chris is a Native American and U.S. Marine Veteran whos interest in Bigfoot runs back to his childhood. Chris started hunting with his father at 5 yrs old, and and enjoys spending time in the woods hunting, hiking and experiencing nature's beauty. He has attended the following Expeditions:

2009 Wisconsin Expedition, 2009 Minnesota Expedition, 2010 Wisconsin Expedition (Private), 2010 Minnesota Expedition (Private) 2010 Iowa Fall Expedition (Private) and the 2011 Great Lakes Expedition (MN).

Chris also organized the 2010 Minnesota "Mini" Expedition, and is the Organizer of the 2012 Minnesota Public Expedition.

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