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Report # 26113  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, June 10, 2009.
Family sees Sasquatch at window several times near Gilford
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YEAR: 2008

SEASON: Summer

DATE: 6/10/09

STATE: New Hampshire

COUNTY: Belknap County

LOCATION DETAILS: Directions omitted upon the witness' request

NEAREST TOWN: Gilford, New Hampshire


OBSERVED: I moved to this location in New Hampshire in 2001. I have had several sightings over the past few years. Usually from my living room while I am watching television. I know this sounds weird. But, I am serious. My couch sits facing my picture window. Beyond the picture window, there is a small creek and an empty wooded lot. I have seen deer, bear, turkey, racoons, moose and fox on my property. It is in a part of Gilford called Gunstock Acres. It usually happens in the late evening on a dark summer night. No paticular date or time. From the ground to the top of the window has got to be at least 10 feet tall. This creature is about 9 feet in height. Dark deep brownish long hair, and walks upright, similar to a human. I have seen it go one direction, then go past the window in the other direction several minutes later, or it just walks away until the next time I see it, which has been about once a year. I have seen it looking more like a shadow when my lights in the house are on. I am usually caught off guard, and am startled when I've seen it, in disbelief, but there is no other explanation.
Last summer I happened to tell my husband and family that I saw Bigfoot again last night and my oldest son said he seen it the night before, passing by the window, and it looked right in at him as it was passing by. He described the same creature except that he saw the face. And he swears it is a Bigfoot too. He was creeped out about it, and I think he still is. My son is in his 20's.
This is part of the Great North Woods, with lakes, mountains, rivers & caves. Plenty of places to hide. I have heard strange grunting noises, tree limbs breaking, screams, and walking sounds through my wooded lot. I refuse to go outside after I have seen it, and turn all the outside lights on, until I forget about it again. We have seen some huge prints out there in the winter going around the house, but they were unidentifiable. Due to the large amounts of snow we have gotten during storms, the tracks get filled in.
I am spooked by it, but it hasn't done anything to any of us, except look in the window at us.
I know what I have seen, and I haven't told many people as they would think we were crazy. So, my family and I would like to know what this creature is, and is it possible that it is a Bigfoot? We beleive it is, as we know what we have seen. It can't be a black bear, as this is too tall, and walks a distance on two legs and like a human, so it couldn't be a moose either. It is built like a really large broad-shouldered man, and muscular, but covered in hair. My son said that the face is hairy also, but the skin on the face is a lighter color than the rest of the body.

ALSO NOTICED: Strange noises, shadows, movement in the trees and brush near my home. Broken branches off of bushes and trees that I have in my yard.

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes, but not the same evening. Watching t.v. in the living room. This is the only other witness in my household. Although another had been sitting with me, but just missed it walking past the window.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: between 10:00-11:00 pm. Clear, dark night sky

ENVIRONMENT: I live near the bottom of Gunstock Mountain, a mile to a mile and a half from Lake Winnepesaukee. A river and a creek runs about 1000 yards from my home. There are also wetlands all around this area. The White Mountain National forest is not too far away.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Christopher Noel:

I contacted the report writer and immediately received a long, detailed message back with further aspects of the situation filled in. I then visited the residence on June 27/28, 2009, spent four hours with Mr. and Mrs. J., exploring in the woods near them, at the base of Gunstock Mountain. We came across a good number of tree twists and some potential tracks, but none good enough to cast. We found a deer rib hanging in a tree.
I stayed the night in a spare room, and set up the thermal camera aimed at the tree line where the family has been leaving food for the past eight years. In the morning, the food was gone, but the footage revealed raccoons and a fox as the culprits that night.
Three members of the family (the mother, her twenty-two-year-old son, and eighteen-year-old daughter) told me in detail about their sightings. A total of five times, they have seen a Sasquatch either walking past the living room windows or (in one case) just looking in. The mother has also seen one, on a moonlit night, in the woods behind and above their house, swaying back and forth behind a tree. She showed me this tree and it is approximately seventy-five feet from their kitchen window. When I showed them the Mike Greene thermal footage, she said that that swaying behavior was the exact same that she witnessed.
The daughter has heard the Ohio Howl several times, both close by and at a distance. She also saw a large-eyed, partially hair-covered face at the living room window one night, and when I asked her, "Did you lock eyes with it fascinated, or run into your room and throw the covers over your head?", she answered, "The second."
I found all members of the family credible and sincere and their residence, so close to uninterrupted, mountainous territory, conducive to such visitations.

About BFRO Investigator Christopher Noel:

Chris holds Master's Degrees from Yale University and Vermont College and has been teaching at Vermont College for twenty years. He has published four books, both fiction and nonfiction.

He has attended several private and public expeditions and organized New Hampshire Expedition 2008.

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