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Report # 26201  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, June 29, 2009.
Family reports numerous incidents since 2000
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YEAR: Ongoing

SEASON: Summer


DATE: Ongoing

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Elbert County

NEAREST TOWN: Do Not Want To Disclose At This Time (Oglethorpe or Athens)

NEAREST ROAD: Do Not Want To Disclose At This Time

OBSERVED: We have had several encounters with this creature. We used to have it living in the back of our woods near the swamp, but since clearing of land further back from other neighbors, it has moved to the other side of the forest. It still frequents the area. Run-ins still occur and have now for years. And now, there is a young with the mother. I really do not know what to say but the most important thing to me is trying to protect this animal, aka Bigfoot. This creature has not harmed anyone, is shy, but is really not afraid of people. I am hoping that someone here will help me out in determining the next step I could take. I DO NOT WANT THIS ANIMAL TO BE HARMED IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE OR REMOVED FROM ITS HABITAT. IT IS NOT A THREAT TO ANYONE OR ANYTHING!! There have been too many occasions to name that just proved to me and others that we have a family living close by. Seen, heard, smelled, footprints, etc. I would like to somehow get help from the govenment to protect this creature so no harm could come to it from anyone and that no one would try to hunt it down just for the money and fame. That is the only reason I am not giving the location of where all this is occurring. I am a registered nurse. I care about my job and reputation but I would rather have a "rep of being crazy" than ever having any harm done to this creature. Please respond with some help to point me in the right direction to help secure this animal's well-being and safety. Please. Thank you for your time and I await anxiously for your response.

ALSO NOTICED: grunts, grunts, screams, smells

OTHER WITNESSES: several over an expanded amount of time

OTHER STORIES: yes. several.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Morning, Evening, Night

ENVIRONMENT: creek, pond, forest, swamp

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Morris Collins:

I visited the witness and her mother in August of 2009 along with 3 other GA investigators. The rural property is a 30 acre tract backing up to a large swamp area with pine, river bottom, and swamp in the immediate area. There is abundant water and game animals such as deer, wild hog, and other small mammals. Much of the area has thick undergrowth or areas where it would be hard to enter due to the swamp.

There has been consistent incidences occurring since the family occupied the property in 2000. Incidents include neighbors reporting footprints and unidentifiable sightings of man-like figures in the area from both the family and neighbors. Incidents have occurred in all seasons of the year.

The witness has had one Class A sighting while a teen ager along with another adult while riding a four wheeler at the back of the property. There have been incidents of whooping (low to high bass sound lasting several seconds), feelings of being watched, feelings that the family should leave a particular area, and at least one stalking incident involving the witness being separated from her mother, father and the family dog becoming very frightened. The family dog has often acted intimidated while in the house and while outside with the family. These incidents have caused great concern at times due to the level of feelings generated.

Interestingly, many of the incidents have occurred when only women have been present. This has been noted in other reports as well.

It was the consensus of the investigators that the family probably has a bigfoot either moving through the area on a regular basis or may have one or two living in the immediate area. The family was encouraged to call immediately if the incidents become more intense and we have been invited back for additional investigations.

About BFRO Investigator Morris Collins:

Morris holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Auburn University and additional coursework toward an MBA in International Business. He is an avid backpacker and SCUBA diver. Morris attended Georgia 2006, 2008, 2009 & 2011; North Carolina 2006 and SC 2007 expeditions. He is a member of the SE BFRO Tracking Team and has completed a first course in visual tracking.

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