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Report # 27024  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, December 16, 2009.
Late afternoon road crossing sighting by motorists near Masonville
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YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Spring

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Daviess County

NEAREST TOWN: Masonville

OBSERVED: My son and I were heading home and about 100 feet in front of me I saw a dark colored figure in the road. I began to slow down as I got closer because I thought it was a person because it was standing upright walking across the road. As I got closer the figure moved faster across the road. By the time I got 20 feet away, I saw a very tall figure covered in dark reddish-brown hair jump over the ditch, over a fence and take off through the field. He moved very fast across the field and into the woods. I panicked and called my father to tell him what I saw and I drove home as fast as I could past the woods. Two weeks later my dad saw the same type of figure I saw in the same woods at the same time of the day. My brother told us several months later he saw the same figure in the same woods as well.

OTHER WITNESSES: No other witnesses.

OTHER STORIES: My father disregarded my story, but came to me two weeks later and apologized because he saw the same thing at the same time of the day in the same place and it frightened him as well. A few months later my brother, not knowing my father and my stories, told us he saw the same type of thing in the same woods one afternoon.

I also, along with three friends of mine, saw a figure running through the woods when we were mudding in a field one day in March 2005. The figure was a couple hundred feet away standing upright and running through the woods. It stopped for a moment when it saw us and took off again.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Late afternoon, almost sunset, sun still out, clear skies, high visibility.

ENVIRONMENT: Woods and swampy bottoms.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rachel Luffman:

I spoke to the witness and found her to be credible and observant. From our conversation I'm able to add the following details to her report:

- She estimates the creature to have been at least seven feet tall and 300 pounds or more.

- It had a fairly slender lower body, with a more stocky upper body and broad shoulders.

- It was a dark reddish brown color and the hair looked shaggy and unkempt.

- It had long arms that moved loosely as it ran.

- It was slightly hunched over.

- It jumped over the ditch and a barbed wire fence easily, then raced across the field into the woods.

- She came within 15-20 feet of the bigfoot, and said that at first she couldn't believe what she was seeing. At that point she only saw the back of it as it was moving away from her.

-The duration of the sighting lasted between 20-30 seconds.

-This witness works for local law enforcement (crime scene investigator). She remarked that she has always been able to stay calm and collected at crime scenes, but this encounter shocked and upset her to the point of tears. She had her young son with her and he slept through the whole thing.

I visited the location of the sighting and met the witness on 12/26/09. She was able to walk me through her experience and point out where the bigfoot crossed over the road, the fence he jumped, and the woods he ran into.

On 12/28/09 I spoke to the brother of the witness, and he told me about his sighting. In the summer of 2008 he was on his way to visit his father and spotted something "out of the ordinary" standing next to the woods. It was around five in the afternoon and he could clearly see a large, dark, hair covered figure. He estimates it to have been eight feet tall, and said he never took his eyes off it. It quickly turned and stepped into the trees. He slowly drove by and tried to spot it again, but couldn't. He stated he is an avid hunter and had never seen anything like it. He drove to his father's house and told him about it, and his father told him that he had also seen a similar creature in the same area and so had his sister.

About BFRO Investigator Rachel Luffman:

Raised with a love of the outdoors, avid camper & hiker, fascination with the Sasquatch mystery since childhood.

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- Oklahoma 2008
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