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Report # 2794  (Class A)
Submitted by witness S. W. on Tuesday, July 10, 2001.
Woman has early evening sighting near Kennedy Meadows
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YEAR: 1987-88

SEASON: Spring


DATE: Memorial Day Weekend

STATE: California

COUNTY: Tulare County


OBSERVED: I saw what could only be described as a bigfoot several years ago on route to Kennedy Meadows. I was driving up the dirt road past Grumpy Bear's place and not too far from Kennedy Meadows--maybe a few miles--where we were later camped. I believe it was around Memorial Day, 1986-88.

The sun was setting, and as I looked to the west to glance at it as it began to dip below the mountains, I something caught my eye out in the desert, among the Joshua trees. At first I thought it was just a Joshua tree; but it was moving the same direction as I was driving--north. I slowed, and watched it as it ran. It was probably 100 yards? or so from me. I could tell it was big and tall, had long, dark brown hair. Its arms were longer than a man's and I could see the hair flop up and down as it ran. Its legs appeared to be very muscular and I was impressed by the ease in which it ran--its movement reminded me of a tiger, strong and graceful, although he ran on two legs like a human. I saw it's head turn towards me, and I got a chill as I thought this thing is making eye contact with me! Although I felt fear, I also felt it felt fear towards me. (Don't ask me to explain this, but that's how I felt and I am an intuitive person!) This was all in a matter of seconds--maybe five. I turned to my passenger to relate to her what I saw, slowed down some more, but when I looked again to point out the bigfoot, all I saw was Joshua trees and desert. I felt he was hiding from me. It was really an incredible experience, one that I will always remember.

I didn't stop the car, climb the fence or go after him. I continued to drive on to the campsite where I told my experience to the rest of the group.

A few weeks to a month later, I remember seeing in the Bakersfield Californian an article that a bigfoot was spotted in the Shirley Meadows Campground. As I understand it, that's not too far from Kennedy Meadows.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only one who spotted him. I was driving and just happened to look in his direction and noticed movement among the Joshua trees.

OTHER STORIES: I just read on this site a more current one around Kennedy Meadows.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was around dusk, clear sky.

ENVIRONMENT: The setting was in the desert--Joshua trees and brush--not much else. We were headed to Kennedy Meadows and there was water there and I'm sure it ran close to where I saw the bigfoot. Mountains were to the west and north with pines, etc.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked with the witness by phone, and the following details can be added to the report:
--The witness was on a dirt road, around Nine Mile Canyon.
--Animal was about 100 yards from the car when seen.
--Animal was well developed, very muscular and thick (looked a lot like "Harry" from Harry and the Hendersons).
--They stayed in the Kennedy Meadows area for three nights, but nothing else happened.
--Shirley Meadows is located 25+ miles from Kennedy Meadow.

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