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Report # 28711  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, January 11, 2011.
Memory told of seeing an upright figure walk into a shooting lane while hunting near Nashwauk
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YEAR: 1970


MONTH: November


STATE: Minnesota

COUNTY: Itasca County

NEAREST TOWN: nashwauk

NEAREST ROAD: east of hwy 65

ALSO NOTICED: i heard a grunting sound look up and seen what looked tall man dress in dark brown at fifty yards away i was sitting in my deer stand i though it was a moose. it stepped by a big pine tree and i yelled it turned look at me and walk away.i went and got my dad and brought him back to the spot showed were it stood it's head was just below that branch the branch of the tree was eight foot high.

OTHER WITNESSES: just me early in the day it seen by a man in a truck crossing hwy 65 moving east were i was hunting

OTHER STORIES: just the man in the truck was a friend of ours when he herd what i seen he came over to tell us what he seen .

TIME AND CONDITIONS: cloudy 4 o'clock no snow

ENVIRONMENT: pine tree's some swamp

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim H:

I spoke to the witness on the phone, he currently lives in the same area. He told me that he has hunted and trapped the area all his life, and is familiar with all of the wildlife in the state including some seldom seen animals. He told me that the experience he had was when he was much younger. It happened in the early 70's, he is not really sure what year it was but that it was in the fall during deer hunting season. At that time the area was virgin forest but since has been logged off in areas. He stated that when he was hunting from a stand, he had heard a chirp/grunt that he had not ever heard before. Thinking that it was a buck he looked in the direction and noticed a large brown object coming through the brush from about a hundred and fifty yards. At first he thought it was a moose, and continued to watch it as it got closer. When it came to within 50 - 60 yards from him it entered a shooting lane that he had cleared. That is when he states that he seen it clearly, and it was about eight feet tall (figured out later). At first he thought it was a person in a fur coat. So he yelled at him and it turned and looked at him, then turned away and headed towards a grove of cedars. He stated that the sighting lasted around sixty seconds or so. He described it as being hair covered but not an extreme amount of hair. Brown in color, with a sunken in facial area, with long arms that swung as it walked away slightly hunched over. He now estimates that it must have weighed around 500 - 600 pounds based on what he now knows. He had returned to the area after fleeing with his father and that is when they estimated the height as being around eight foot by the branches on the nearby trees. His father's friend apparently heard about his sighting and came to see them and told them that he had seen the same thing cross the road near there about six hours earlier. The witness' father did not want to talk about it much as he was embarrassed about it.

The witness' old boss this fall had apparently had a sighting very close to the same area.

About BFRO Investigator Jim H:

A business owner for 20+ years, he has been researching the subject of bigfoot ever since his son had a daylight sighting in 1994. An avid hunter, spending most of his life in the woods of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, having seen and heard every animal native to this area. Active member of hunting and shooting clubs. He also has a background and interest in biology.

He attended the 2008 Minnesota (private) expedition, the 2009 Wisconsin expedition, 2009 Minnesota expedition, 2010 Minnesota Mini Excursion, 2010 Minnesota Mini Expedition, Minnesota Expedition 2011. As well as many field investigations (on site). Have personally seen three BF. Two daytime and one nighttime through a thermal.

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