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Report # 3029  (Class B)
Submitted by witness D. H. on Tuesday, August 21, 2001.
Couple hears late night screams near Viola
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YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August


STATE: California

COUNTY: Shasta County

LOCATION DETAILS: Two miles west of Viola of Highway 44 (Near Lassen, 9 miles west of Shingletown)


NEAREST ROAD: Highway, 44

OBSERVED: On 8-9-01 we were staying in a small cabin 9 miles from the Lassen Park entrance, about 2 miles from Viola on Highway 44. My wife woke me up as she heard a strange screaming-like sound. I was immediately awake and heard what can only be described as a scream-like call that repeated itself. It lasted about 25 seconds and was quite loud but seemed to be at least a half mile or so past our 20-acre spot, which is on a creek.

I really didn't give it much thought although I knew it wasn't a mountain lion, bear or owl. A few days later I mentioned it to a friend as the sound was so otherworldly and hard to describe. He suggested and I rather skeptically checked a few bigfoot sites and was amazed to hear the same exact sound that had been recorded at different places in Nothern California and Oregon. It certainly doesn't sound like anything else. Can't say it was bigfoot, but the sound is exactly the same.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two witnesses sleeping


TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 3:30 am, cool, quiet. Don't recall if there was a moon but I think it was quite dark.


Follow-up investigation report:

The witness added the following comments to his report:
"We have a cabin in the area and often sleep outside during the summer, no such sounds ever prior. The area is located almost 9 miles east of Shingletown on Route 44 at sign post for Rock Creek Road. I did come across a visual sighting of abour ten years ago posted some place or another on the web at the rest stop on route 44, about 3 miles away. Haven't heard anything since then. Really a bit of a skeptic myself but the sound we heard, whatever it is, is the same WAV file on several of the bigfood sites".

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