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Report # 30863  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, October 24, 2011.
Witnesses recount ongoing activity at their rural residence outside Watertown
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YEAR: 2011


MONTH: October

DATE: 22

STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Wilson County

LOCATION DETAILS: Private Drive that has bridge crossing a creek. Runs along power lines.


NEAREST ROAD: Beech Log Road

OBSERVED: Driving back to property on Beech Log Road, saw a black stocky figure crossing a bridge. Arms were swinging widely. Dark black. Could not see face. cone shaped head. Saw from the creatures left side as we drove. Creature was partially obscured by a post on the bridge.

ALSO NOTICED: We have many deer and turkey in our area

OTHER WITNESSES: my boyfriend was driving us.

OTHER STORIES: My boyfriend has had encounter with something he never could really figure out what it was at his house a year ago.
Made a loud yell that shook his house and woke him from a dead sleep. Dogs were running barking at something into the night.

Sunny beautiful day

ENVIRONMENT: Creek, bridge, power lines, farms

Follow-up investigation report:

I made an on-site visit to this property, which is less than 20 miles from my home, and spent a good portion of the day with the witnesses. I found them to be very credible, with a good recollection of the events. I can add these additional details:

This couple lives in a very rural area, in a home that sits far off of the road, with neighbors at a good distance on either side. The neighbors homes are concealed by woods.

Their home is on a hillside, bordered closely by forest, with a ravine running north and south just to the east of their home. There is plenty of adjacent cover, plenty of water sources, and the property has both horses and dogs. Wildlife in the area is abundant.

The activity has been on-going since the gentleman moved onto the property. The first indication of activity was a very loud scream/howl heard over a year prior to them filing this report. The gentleman is a knowledgable outdoorsman and hunter, and this scream was unlike anything he had ever heard, both in volume and in sound. The house has also been slapped on numerous occasions, on the side toward the ravine, which has no windows. When the witnesses indicated where the blows were being heard from inside the house, it was evident that whatever was hitting the house was hitting it at least 8' to 9' up from the ground on the outside.

Their first sighting, as detailed in the report, happened when they were driving home from Nashville one morning (both witnesses work in the music industry). We went to the location where that sighting happened, which is not far from their home, and the gentleman stood where the creature was seen, while we drove past in a car. The sighting happened at less than 50 yards on a power line right-of-way in broad daylight. The female witness was amazed at how small her boyfriend looked compared to the creature they had seen when we did the re-enactment. They did not see a lot of detail as they had driven past the creature before they fully realized what it was they had just encountered, but they were impressed by the size and overall bulk and had no doubt of what they had just seen.

The female who filed the report also had a class A that she did not include as it happened at night on their property. She had come in late one evening and was making several trips back and forth from her car to the house, carrying things in, when movement caused her to look up. A very large up-right, man-like, hair covered creature stood watching her, just at the edge of the woods behind the house at a distance of approximately 50 yards. This encounter terrified the witness who fled into the house. I would note that the witness was visibly upset when she was recounting this event to me.

While visiting with the witnesses I walked the wooded areas surrounding their home and found numerous branch breaks and other indications of recent activity. Since I personally know this area to be very active, I have no doubt regarding what the witnesses claim to have seen and experienced.

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