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Report # 31009  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, November 5, 2011.
Woman recalls afternoon sighting as a child near Port Angeles
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YEAR: 1983


MONTH: September

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Clallam County

LOCATION DETAILS: House right off Mt Pleasant Rd. We were in driveway of house north of mine.

NEAREST TOWN: Port Angeles

NEAREST ROAD: Mt Pleasant Rd

OBSERVED: Fall 1983
My four friends and I were playing Chinese jump rope in their yard late one afternoon, just before evening. My neighbor owned somewhere around 100 acres across the street and the five acre parcel we were playing on. He owned a herd of buffalo and for some reason had one young buffalo alone on this parcel. As my friends and I were playing, the buffalo caught our attention as it came running across the property. I remember we all looked up at it and wondered why it could have acted so spooked.
We went back to playing and a bit later one of my friends, the only boy, exclaimed “Did you guys see that? There was a tall black thing on two legs that just jumped across the creek.” We all looked out into the field, but did not see anything. The rest of us told him to quite messing around, but he insisted he was serious. We dismissed his claims and continued our game. Since it wasn’t my turn, I kept scanning the field wondering what the boy may have seen. I noticed a black stump under a tree, which I could not recall being there before. I kept looking at it thinking is that a stump or something else? The shape looked like a tall black figure standing upright, leaning forward with very long arms down to its knees. The head was turned looking directly at us. However it was so still I thought it had to be a burnt stump. I felt it was looking directly at me but it did not move at all. I kept my eyes fixed on it, but turned my head to make it look like I wasn’t watching it. Immediately it began to run across the field. It ran on two legs, had very long swinging arms and a flat face. It was very tall and covered in black hair. I yelled and everyone turned and started screaming. Upon hearing our screams, it turned to look at us and immediately turned its direction and ran back up into the woods. We were all very scared and ran into the house.
My friend’s dad believed us as he said he had seen a bigfoot when they had lived in Moses Lake, WA. I was so scared I called my parents next door and wanted them to come pick me up in their car. My family dismissed our claims, but I know there is no way it was anything else but a bigfoot.
The next day we went out in the field. We could not find any footprints, but could see where something large ran through the tall grass. Looking under the tree where I originally saw the “stump”, I estimate it was 7 feet tall based on a tree limb it was just beneath. There was a deer path where we saw it enter the woods. When we approached the path, my friend’s dog started growling, so we took off.
The next school day we were riding the bus home. I was excited to tell the other kids what we had witnessed. Of course they all started to tease us, and the other kids which had witnessed the encounter quickly backed off our story and would never speak of it again.
I am 100% positive we saw a bigfoot that day. No other animal could run on two legs with arms swinging the way this did. Its face was flat, so in no way could have been a bear. It was too big and moved differently than a human. Based on the way it watched us, and waited until it thought we were not looking at it, I believe it’s an intelligent creature. I think we have them around us a lot more than we will ever know. I have had other experiences where I may have heard vocalizations, wood knocking and possibly have smelled it, but do not know for sure. I also know there are a lot more people who have witnessed similar events, but never report it. I laugh at the naive that do not believe as I know the truth.

OTHER WITNESSES: Three other girls, one boy. We were playing in driveway.

OTHER STORIES: Not on Mt Pleasant Rd, but others on Olympic Peninsula. I once knew a lady who had seen a white bigfoot in Discovery Bay, Jefferson County while checking on a foaling mare one night. My husband and I heard tree knocking while cutting fire wood up the Twin River area in 2007. In August 2011 we went camping up the Sol Duc and smelled a terrible smell one night like rotting fish. I had our boys move into our tent with us and in the middle of the night our puppy woke me up terrified, but would not make a sound. His whole body was shaking and he moved to the very back of the tent and kept his attention fixed forward. The smell was gone the next day. There was also stones stacked up down by the river which resembeled the camp ground. I cannot be sure a person did not stack the stones though. Since looking at your sight and listening to the vocalizations, I am sure I have heard them before, but did not know what it was. My brother knew a girl who found a footprint I beleive in the Sol Duc a few years ago. She did not have a camera.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Late afternoon, early evening. Still day light. Clear.

ENVIRONMENT: We were in driveway playing. Just beyond was field with tall grass. Lee's creek ran between us and figure. Some trees along creek.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kirk Brandenburg:

I communicated with the witness multiple times by phone and email and consider her to be trustworthy. The witness was 9 years old at the time, but due to the powerful impact of the experience she remembers the sighting like it was yesterday. The following details can be added:

The creature was approximately 125 feet away when she saw it standing under the tree. Primarily its left side was visible as it faced south/southwest. Its torso was slightly turned toward her as it leaned forward with a slouched posture and it's arms hung straight down.

After seeing it under the tree and running in the field, she described it as having a dark, wide face and a consistently dark brown or black color overall. Its body was slender, not bulky, with a very athletic build to its 7 ft. tall frame. It had body hair that was a uniform length of approximately 3 inches and no discernible neck. It ran on two legs the entire time, but the way it ran and moved was not like a person.

Upon reaching the porch a short distance away, the witness looked again at the creature running in the field just in time to see it use its right hand to strongly and easily swat away her friend's springer spaniel dog. The dog went tumbling, but was unhurt and quickly returned to the house. Numerous reports indicate that dogs are generally afraid of sasquatch. This dog lived at the location and may have been instinctively reacting to protect it's human family when the children were frightened. The breed is known to be very protective and easily aggressive.

Numerous reports of sasquatch encounters have come from the northern Olympic Peninsula surrounding the location of this sighting.

Below is a recent satellite view of the sighting area:

Below is a photo to show the terrain and give a general idea of the route the creature traveled:

About BFRO Investigator Kirk Brandenburg:

- Juris Doctor degree, University of Minnesota Law School
- BFRO Expedition Organizer in New Mexico and Washington
- YouTube Channel: StudySasquatch

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