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Report # 31443  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, December 29, 2011.
Possible activity while deer hunting on an old coal mining location outside Madisonville
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YEAR: 2010

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 01/01/2011

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Hopkins County

LOCATION DETAILS: The location is an old Hopkins County Coal location. Specific directions omitted upon the witness' request.

NEAREST TOWN: Madisonville


OBSERVED: I am from Madisonville KY. Last year I took my then' 8yr old daughter hunting during late youth weekend. The place where we went is some where my and my husband have been going for years. So we went in the woods got set up and as we were waiting, right at daybreak we heard a sound that I have never heard. The best way I can explain is it was like a howl and yell and growl altogether. It would hold a constant yell for about 30secs, we heard it 3x. between the Howls,yell,growl noise the coyote's would howl. But I KNOW that was not a coyote we heard. I tried not to let my daughter know that it scared me but she was ready to go after we heard that. I watch your all's show "Finding Bigfoot" and some of the sounds ya'll have recorded made my hair stand. I don't know if it was a Big Foot, but I'm not sure it wasn't either.

ALSO NOTICED: During gun I was in my stand and from behind me it sounded like a tree fell but I couldn't see a tree that had falling and it didn't make the breaking noise a falling tree makes.

OTHER WITNESSES: It was just my and my daughter, we were sat up, sitting on the ground along the swamp were I saw a big buck during gun season. We were just sitting there waiting for it to get light enough to see good.

OTHER STORIES: I haven't but the side that we hunt we have never seen anyone else there till this 2011 deer season.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: morning right as the sun was coming up but it is still dark too

ENVIRONMENT: Swamp bottoms is were we sat. but there is woods, pine thickets, fields, a creek

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Don Adkins:

I interviewed the witness by phone. She stated that the howls came from approximately 200 yards away, and that there were immediate responses by coyotes between the howls. She said the howls were not coyotes, bobcats, or any other animal she had heard. She and her daughter were very frightened and left the area. In the incident the previous November during adult gun season, she had heard the sound of a tree crashing. She described it as a heavy wood on wood sound. I believe it may have been an intimidation knock, intended to scare her out of the woods. I have heard these knocks during my own investigations. They are very powerful displays, and similar to what she described.

About BFRO Investigator Don Adkins:

Don works in manufacturing for a major global consumer goods company. He attended North Carolina 2007 and Tennessee Expedition 2009. Also the 2010 Illinois and Tennessee Expeditions.

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