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Report # 3337  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Brenda Motley Widenhouse-Polk on Tuesday, December 16, 1997.
Woman witnesses a 7 foot tall, silver-black sasquatch while driving
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YEAR: 1994


MONTH: November

DATE: Last of November

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Stanly County

LOCATION DETAILS: United States, state of North Carolina in Stanly County between the towns of Oakboro and Aquadale. On Old School Road off Hwy 138

NEAREST TOWN: Between the towns of Oakboro and Aquadale

NEAREST ROAD: Old School Road off Hwy 138

OBSERVED: While driving down the road about 10:30 pm I saw something standing on the left side of the road where the road curves to the right. I threw my headlights on bright and turned the wheel to the left and drove streight to it. I was sideways in the road. As I neared it I stopped and I had a clear view of it. It was so tall that I had to lean closer to the steering wheel to look up into its face. I could see him (clearly a male) from just above his knees to the top of his head. I looked streight into his eyes. He seemed to be comunicating with me though his eyes. He let me get a good look at him and then he gave a nod and I knew I was to go. He was at least 7ft tall or more with silver and black hair some of it at least 4 to 5 inches long and dark outdoors type skin (where it was exposed. His eyes resembled that of a dogs and were the color of a alaskain husky and wide flat nose and a wide thin mouth like a mans. He never opend his mouth. Just stood there and looked at me and blinked some and make jesters with his head and eyes. When he knodded at me I knew it was time to leave so I turned the steering wheel very slowly ( I felt dazed) and drove on down the road. I estimated the time I set there about 15 to 20 mnutes. I went home about 1/4 miles up the road.Then I trembled was so excited I could hardly walk. I never was afraid.

ALSO NOTICED: He was the same color as the back ground even though it was way behind him. If he had been close to the woods I may not have seen him. But he was actually standing there like he was waiting on me.

OTHER WITNESSES: Went into Oakboro to the store and was driving my sons 1980 Oldsmobile Cutless back home.


ENVIRONMENT: very hilly and lots of creeks and streams and near Rocky River and Morrows Mountain and Forest. Large fishing lakes near by. Lots of underbrush and trees and farm land. Stanly County is mostly farm land and very few houses in the area. Still has some old one way wooden bridges and dirt roads in the area.

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