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Report # 34822  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.
Memory told of a nighttime sighting while traveling on a mountainside near Rossland
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YEAR: about 1969


MONTH: September

PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: We left Rossland on Hwy. 38 heading SW, connecting to Hwy 22 (heads to US border) and split right off Hwy. 22 onto the Summit road (Old Cascade Hwy) at Black Bear.



OBSERVED: My brother, his girlfriend, myself and a friend of mine left Rossland in the early evening. Our idea being to go watch for UFO's on the top of the summits.
I was 17 yrs old at the time. It was on what we called The Summit's road (Old Rossland Cascade Hwy), a dirt road with many hair pin turns, twisting up along the side of two mountains to the summit.

My sighting of BF was quick but enough for me to know exactly what I was looking at. I saw all of him initially. It was grey coloured. Then mostly I saw his back and legs, hair seemed coarse, and thick. He also seemed more slender then I would have thought. He was tall though, very tall! I'm not good at guessing heights but if the bank was any indication I guess he'd be about 7' at least.

"He" was bent over the creek and I assumed he'd been drinking water, he stood, turned, took one long stride toward the hillside, and then stepped up a dirt bank and was gone up into the trees & shadows within moments. All this took place within the glow of the car headlights.

For a moment I couldn't take it all in, and then heard my friend, also in the backseat, sobbing beside me.
All I said to her was, "Did you just see what I saw?" All I heard was her shaky voice whispering. "Yes." she was very frightened. I think I recall her saying, "What was that!?"

My brother and his girlfriend in the front seat (brother driving) never saw the BF because he was readying for the hairpin corner, and was looking in that direction, and not straight ahead where the headlights shone in that moment. (his girlfriend was talking quietly and likely looking at him, she never saw anything.

The next day we went back up to look for any kind of sign but it being fall, frost had hardened the ground. We were stunned when we saw how high the bank was he had easily stepped up onto, maybe 5'.
The bank was sloped steeply, dirt with some rocks, grass, and trees/bush at the top. We found no footprints.

Though it was quick, I will never forget what I saw. I can still see it in my mind's eye.

ALSO NOTICED: Saw nothing else at the time. But we went back up the next day to look for prints but found none. The ground had been frozen the night before.

OTHER WITNESSES: One other witness, we had been quiet, just waiting to get to the summit so we could watch the sky for stars and look for UFO's.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, once some people knew about what I saw, a couple folks began to tell me stories as well of their own sightings though now I can only remember two that stand out clear enough. These were sightings all around Rossland.

One sighting stood out, one local who was out hunting with a friend, they had shot a deer, gutted it, then strung it up with a rope high in a tree so a bear wouldn't get it. They had to walk back up to get their truck. As they were driving toward where the deer was, they saw a sasquatch reach up easily and pull the deer down. They were scared, turned around and drove back home.

Another report was one of a woman we knew who lived outside of town, at the base of the mountains. She apparently called the police one night, very upset, that she could see a tall 'creature' standing under her street light in the yard. She was apparently distraught and from what I can recall it had not been the first time she had seen them.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was early evening, around 7:30 pm. or so, can't recall exactly.
It was a clear evening, crisp. Frost was just beginning to happen at nights.(About end Sept/early Oct)

ENVIRONMENT: Steep mountainside. The sighting happened at a sharp hairpin corner, with a creek crossing at the point of the hairpin and running under a small bridge/culvert. Steep banks up either side of the creek, though where I saw the sasquatch there was a small flat area on the right of the creek before the bank that he stepped up on. It is thick forests and bush.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Blaine McMillan :

I contacted the witness by phone and spoke to her at length about her sighting. The witness spoke without reservation about the incident and was open and honest with me.

The witness described to me how, on a warm evening in the fall of 1969, she and several others drove up into the mountains south of Rossland, BC to look for, in her words "UFO's". She went on to explain that going up onto a high mountain logging road was a means to get away from 'Smallville' and that looking up at the night sky was a common practice among teenagers in her community.

At one point the road makes a hard hair pin turn where a major creek flows down the mountain and into a culvert under the road. It was at this spot that the witness saw what she described as a large grey colored creature. When first seen it was bent over, presumably drinking from the creek and as the car approached it straightened up, made a half turn and stepped up the embankment and into the forest. Only the witness and her friend saw the animal as the driver and his girlfriend were more focused on the road in front of them.

The following day the witness and her friends returned to the site and it was at that time that they realized that animal must have been close to seven feet in height as the embankment that it had so easily ascended was close to five feet in height. Although they had looked for tracks none were found because the ground had been frozen the night before. The elevation where the sighting took place is about 3800 feet above sea level.

It is of my opinion that the witness and her friend did indeed see a sasquatch while driving that night. The location where it was sighted also points to the validity of the sighting as the noise of the creek would have drowned out the sound of an approaching vehicle.

About BFRO Investigator Blaine McMillan :

  • Retired Canadian Military (Reg Force) Safety Systems / Aviation technician with experience fighters and various SAR platforms. Author of Wood Knocks and Tossed Rocks:Searching for Sasquatch with the BFRO

  • Married with two young sons. An avid camper, hunter and fisherman.

  • Holds a BA in Criminology from the University of Manitoba, courses in Alternate Dispute Resolution, Anthropology and Political Science

  • Attended the BFRO BC Expeditions in August of 2005, 2006, 2012 as well as Vancouver Island 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

  • Organized the 2007, 2008 Vancouver Island as well as 2009 North Vancouver Island Expeditions.

  • Author of "Woodknocks and Tossed Rocks: Searching for Sasquatch with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

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