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Report # 3535  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, December 28, 2001.
Two witnesses find animal carcasses in possible display arrangement, near Coshocton on the Woodbury Wildlife Refuge
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YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April



COUNTY: Coshocton County

LOCATION DETAILS: I was not driving and had never been there before so Im not even 100% on the county was on woodbury wildlife refuge [public hunting].


NEAREST ROAD: 527 I think

OBSERVED: A friend of mine and myself went to Coshocton County Ohio. My friend has been deer hunting there for about 15 years and wanted to show me his tree stand along with the area he hunts. My friend took me to an area where there were the carcasses of at least 3 deer[all bones].He told me he had seen them there in this field next to the woods a couple years ago,along side of the scattered deer bones were about 7 fresh muskrat carcasses lined up in a straight row as if someone or something laid them all side by side. As we walked by this small lake near the edge of the deadend road I glanced to my left and noticed something that resembled a bees nest in a tree about 3ft off the ground, it was April 2001 so there were no leaves on the trees yet making the apparent bees nest stick out like a sore thumb. Upon looking a bit closer we found it not to be a bees nest but a few dead ducks hanging in the trees and scattered all over the area below the tree.It was a very eerie sight,very unnatural and spooky.The ducks had been twisted around tree limbs and were there for sometime based on the mummified remains, their necks were wedged into the crotch of the tree. We counted at least 12 dead ducks in the tree and on the ground.This was very weird, I did have my camcorder and videotaped the scene.Later in the year [this past fall] we returned to the area,the duck remains were still there but were quickly deteriorating, we also noticed more dead ducks further down the road on a hillside. These too had been wedged into the crotch of a tree about 6-7ft. off the ground this time. This I also videotaped. This is just very strange to see something like this, I'm not saying it was Bigfoot but this area is a real hotbed for sightings in Ohio. I just wonder if you have any other info on this and if you have ever heard of this before. Any input will be appreciated.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing else unusual

OTHER WITNESSES: There were 2 of us and my camcorder that recorded the sight.

OTHER STORIES: There have been plenty of Bigfoot sightings in this area for many many years. I dont know of to many details but have heard al ot of stories.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: This was 12noon, lighting was excellent, sunny.Cool spring day 50s.

ENVIRONMENT: Old pines forest,deciduous trees,small lake nearby with some swamp.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim Osborne:

Although this report does not meet the criteria for a Class A or B designation, I have decided to include it on the Public Website simply to see if anyone else has ever witnessed anything similar. This could simply be the act of a poacher or some other human with an unfathomable motive.
When I talked with the witness one thing that struck both of us as strange was the fact that the carcasses stuck in the tree had not been touched by scavengers. It would seem that if nothing else at least crows would have been at them.
Again, it will be interesting to see whether anyone else has ever come across a similar display.

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