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Report # 3551  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Eric Hess on Sunday, March 2, 1997.
Campers have close encounter with large, hairy creature
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YEAR: 1992 or 93

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Butler County

LOCATION DETAILS: My sighting occurred in a wooded area near Evans City, PA, in Butler County, not far from Rt. 68.

OBSERVED: I and two other friends were sitting around a camp fire late one night cooking hotdogs and talking. I began to hear leaves rustling and sticks breaking as if something was walking around in the woods in front of us. I asked my friends if they had heard it, they had not.

Suddenly noise started again, this time we all heard it and quieted down to see if we could tell where the noise (of something walking around) was coming from.

We heard a few more steps and then a huge crash, as if something had struck the mobile home just in front of us. It was loud.

I asked my friends to put out the fire and told them that we were going to get out of here fast. I ran into our cottage to wake up another friend who was sleeping. I told her what had happened and she immediately got up.

At this moment my two friends came in the door. They both were very frightened. Steve had been putting out the fire when he saw a large hairy man-like creature standing about 20 ft from him. He shined his flashlight and saw that it was huge, 7-8 ft tall with red eyes. He called Mike to show him and they both witnessed the creature running off. They said it ran kind of hunched over.

ALSO NOTICED: That night nothing more was heard, but a few years later my fiance and Mike heard some sounds much like the howls you recorded in Columbiana Ohio. At around 11:00 one summer night I believe in 95.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just before the sighting we were cooking and talking around a campfire. Mike was leaving for a new job in Atlantic city to and we went to our cottage to spend some time with him before he left.

OTHER STORIES: I know of no other incidents in this area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a chilly night and the sky was clear. It was about 3:00 am.

ENVIRONMENT: This is a wooded area of summer cottages and one mobile home. It is back about a 1/2 mile from the main road, down a dirt raod. It is really only a summer place for vacationing. Not many use it in the winter. There is a creek, Conniquinessing Creek. The creek is fairly large. There is a farmer's fields across the creek.

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