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Report # 35539  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, May 26, 2012.
Tall human-like form seen at Chilliwack Lake Provencial Park
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YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Spring


DATE: first week

PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: Lat: 49° 6'16.44"N Long: 121°32'20.11"W


NEAREST ROAD: Chilliwack Lake Road

OBSERVED: I have only ever told two people of this incident and both responded with skepticism. So I stopped talking about it. As a former Special Forces and avid outdoorsman, I have seen every animal in Canada except for Grizzly but I have never seen any animal including a human move like this one did.

In May 2001, while heading out to Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park to check camp sites, I observed a large black form walking along the edge of the treeline. The location of the sighting was Lat: 49° 6'16.44"N Long: 121°32'20.11"W, just past the prison work camps. With the sun high at mid-day and slightly behind me to the south, it was very easy to see a human like form walking on the north side of the road along the treeline. When it was first seen, it was directly in front of me and my initial reaction that it was an escaped prisoner in black coveralls, heading in the "wrong" direction. As it was about 200 meters from me I sped up to get a better look. Without turning around to look at me, it turned 90deg left and went straight into the woods near a logging road entrance at high speed. I estimate that this animal walked 25-30 meters upright from initial sighting until it went into the woods which immediately ruled out a bear.

Knowing it wasn't a bear, I immediately pulled up to where it went into the woods and ran after it. At this point I realized that I was also not chasing an escaped prisoner. Humans make noise and leave signs. Other than a couple broken branches and bent grass, nothing was seen or heard. The entire area was void of all noise. No birds no insects, nothing but an eerie quietness. After spending the better part of an hour quietly sneaking through the woods in hopes of getting another sighting, I returned to my truck. I then compared my height of 5'10" to a branch that was at it's head level when it entered the woods and estimate it's height to be at 7+ feet.

After second guessing myself on what I saw, I then went back to the first prison camp to report a possible escape only to be informed that ALL prisoners on the Lake road wear orange coveralls and they get many 'escaped prisoner' reports from that area. Whether people believe me or not doesn't matter, I know what I saw.

ALSO NOTICED: I have tracked and hunted many animals including humans. This was like nothing ever encountered before.

OTHER WITNESSES: driving alone

OTHER STORIES: Yes. The prison guard informed me they get mutiple reports.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Just before noon. Clear and sunny with little to no wind. Sun behind right shoulder casting little shadow and directly lighting the figure.

ENVIRONMENT: This was along the treeline beside the main road. The area is mowed back about 25 meters from the road with little to no ditch and all grass and low shrub no more that 12" deep. The treeline is mixed softwood and hardwood and is quite open for walking under the canopy.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Cindy Dosen:

I found this individual to be forthcoming with his information. He has a background of highly qualified training in field survival, detailed observations, and exact documentation taking when in the field.

His account of the event is very likely a sighting of a sasquatch.

This area has numerous reports in the past and the reports are still coming in to the BFRO.

About BFRO Investigator Cindy Dosen:

  •  Diploma in Animal Sciences. Working toward Veterinary License
  •  Ex-Breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Dogs)
  •  Work in the Marine Transportation Industry
     (BC Ferries - Supervisor Ship Steward)

Attended/ Organized the following:

  •  2007 BC Van.Island Co-Org.
  •  2008 WA Cascades
  •  2008 WA Oly.Pen.
  •  2008 BC Interior
  •  2008 BC Sunshine Coast
  •  2008 BC Van.Island Co-Org.
  •  2009 BC Sunshine Coast Org.
  •  2009 WA Cascades
  •  2009 BC Van.Island South Org.
  •  2009 WA Oly.Pen.
  •  2009 Yakima - Gimlin Round-up
2010 BC Van.Isle South Alumni Exped.( Org.)
2010 WA Oly Pen. Alumni Exped. (Attended)
2010 BC Interior Alunmi Exped. ( Attended)
2011 BC Van.Isle.South Exped. (Org.)
2011 WA Oly Pen. Exped.( Attended)
2011 TX "All-female" Exped. (Attended)
2012 BC Sunshine CoastExped. ( Org.)
2012 BC Van.Isle.South Exped.(Org.)
2013 BC Van.Ise South Exped. (Org.)
2014 BC Van.Isle South 1 & 2 Exped.s (org.)

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