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Report # 3566  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, September 18, 1998.
Teenager has face-to-face encounter with tall, hairy, man-like creature
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YEAR: 1969

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Greene County

NEAREST TOWN: Greensboro


OBSERVED: This occurred when I was about 15years old, but I remember it as if it were yesterday.

When I tell the story, even to the friends that were with me the night it happened, they laugh. "I know what I saw and I would gladly take any sort of lie detector test made to prove it."

It happened around 9:30 p.m. in the summer of 1969. My friends and I had found a way that we could sneek into the community swimming pool after hours. We would peel back a small section of fence surrounding the patio and we would crawl through it.

We would swim, sometimes naked, for hours at a time. Occasionally the caretaker would come around to check the pool and when we saw him coming we would run through the fence and into a small patch of woods that ran along the Monongahela River.

On this particular evening, I noticed the headlights of a car coming toward the pool and sounded the alarm.

As I was the first one to enter the wooded area, I ran as fast as I could to gat away.

As I was running, sometimes looking over my shoulder to see if my friends were following, I ran into something.

This is where the strange event happened.

As I fell backwards, I looked up to see what appeared to be a man like creature staring back at me.

Although this figure was manlike in form, it happened to be around eight feet tall. It was covered in a long hair like element from the head to the feet. It also had an unforgettable smell.

As I got to my feet I turned and ran in the direction from which I had come. As I passed my friends, who were running into the woods, I screamed at the top of my lungs," Don't go that way, there is somethong back there and I ran right into it."

One question that always arises is the fact that it was dark and we were in a wooded area. I can't recall if the moon was bright that night but the lights from the park and the near by homes made this particular area fairly bright.

My friends say I ran into a tree. I asked them to show me the scratches, bumps and bruises that a tree would surely leave on my face and body. Although they were sceptical, none of these brave souls would venture back to where I had just been.

We lingered close to that pool until the caretaker, whom we called Lighthorse (just a name that we had given him) left the area, then we all returned to our homes.

Most of us lived within 1/2 a mile from the pool and many of us lived along the Mongahela River. One of the friends that was with me that night was my brother, Joe. He remembers the nights but he stil laughs when I mention the happening.

Laugh if you must but this story is absolutly true.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing out of the ordinary was ever recoreded in this.

OTHER WITNESSES: We were all skinny dipping in the local public pool, (Monview Park) in Greensboro, PA.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: This happened on a summer night in 1969

ENVIRONMENT: This happened in a narrow strip of woods which was about 80 yards wide and ran along the Mongahela River, in Greensboro, PA.

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