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Report # 36229  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, August 12, 2012.
Possible vocalizations and rock throwing on a summer night at a home outside Bagdad
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 12th

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Shelby County

LOCATION DETAILS: Jacksonville, KY, just outside of Bagdad in north Shelby county.



OBSERVED: August 12-2012 

I first heard a howl at 2:30 am less than 50 yards behind the house in the tree line. I walked out on too the porch with the spotlight and searched the tree line but could not see anything. Less than 5 minutes later I heard the howl again then immediately another howl less than 40 yards from me. I still could not see anything. Then the next howl was behind the garage and howled twice. I then eased back into the house and quietly closed the screen door. Suddenly there were small rocks hitting the porch roof, this lasted about 7-8 minutes. I went to the bedroom to wake my wife up to tell her what was happening. She of course didn't believe what I was telling her. Within 5-10 minutes she heard 2 howls to the left of the house about 75 yards from the house. No more then 10 minutes later we both heard 2 more howls across the road around 100 yards. Around 30 minutes later I heard one more howl back to the right of the house about 150 yards out. Quiet rest of the morning. I know what coyotes sound like, this was no coyote. This made the hair stand up on the back of your neck. 

ALSO NOTICED: I have had another encounter last fall deer hunting ..most scared I have ever been in my life ..same area behind my house.

OTHER WITNESSES: Me and my wife.

OTHER STORIES: Nothing from neighbors .

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2:30 am, night time, cool, clear night, no moon

ENVIRONMENT: Tree line, open field

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jack Smarr:

I spoke to the witness who lives in a rural area of Shelby County. The area is rolling hills, woods and farms. In August of 2012, he describes hearing numerous howls through the night. He first heard howls at 2:30 am in the tree line behind the house. When he went outside to investigate, the howling began again. As he eased himself back inside, he heard rocks pelting the porch over a period of seven to eight minutes. Thereafter the howls were heard farther away at greater intervals from the house. The witness is familiar with coyote sounds and stated that this was not from coyotes. I gave him the link to the howls on the BFRO website and he replied that they sounded most like the 1978 Whoop Howl from Snohomish County Washington. Click here for the Snohomish Recording

Based on the tenor, quantity and veracity of the sounds, as well as the experience of being pelted with rocks, I am classifying this as a Class B experience. Please see report #36230 regarding the other encounter he mentioned.

About BFRO Investigator Jack Smarr:

Jack Smarr is retired military and worked primarily in Field Artillery, Armored Cavalry and Armor units. He participated in TN 09,10,11,WV 2012 expeditions; and helped organize KY 2013 expedition. He organized the 2014 KY Daniel Boone Expedition, the 2015 Central Kentucky Expedition, the 2016 Carter Caves State Park Expedition, Northeastern Kentucky 2017, Kentucky 2018 and has conducted private expeditions in Eastern Kentucky and Southern Ohio.

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