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Report # 3629  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, January 11, 2002.
Daylight sighting by a wood cutter on a logging road in the Mts. above Oakley
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 7/15/99

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Cassia County

LOCATION DETAILS: i can take you to the spot that i saw it. it was off the road a ways and the road are just dirt and logging roads. it was walking up a revien when i smelled it

NEAREST TOWN: oakley , in the mt.

NEAREST ROAD: in the mt. cutting firewood

ALSO NOTICED: just throwing blocks of wood in the truck

OTHER WITNESSES: it was just myself. i was cutting firewood and had block the wood to fill the truck. i shut the saw off and started loading the truck i had the truck allmost loaded when i smelled something that really stunk and i thought a dead cow, you find them in the mt.some times and i go and check it out to see what it is.well this time i said dead cow and kept loading the truck then it dawned on me how come i did't smell it earler i stoped and look around, there it was walking up a small hill out of the ravine it put its hand on a tree like a tried old man would do and kept walking. it scared me just to see i finished the truck pretty fast and was glad when i did i left not to go back for over a year later.i had a gun in the front of the truck and a chainsaw but you forget about them. it didn't even turn around and look at me or come toward me.

OTHER STORIES: at work i told two guys and they started making fun of it so i stoped telling anybody. i came home and told my wife and she says i believe you saw something .but i don't believe in them. since then i have talked to other people what they saw it's like people won't say much cause there afraid to be teased or made fun of

TIME AND CONDITIONS: between 12:00 3:00 give or take an hour. it was clear and warm day.

ENVIRONMENT: as i said i can take you to the spot but telling you how to get there is almost impossable. it was in the mt. by oakley id. it was walking up a revien. i was loading my pickup in where two revien are a little apart from each other.

Follow-up investigation report:

After cutting down and blocking six dead trees and loading most into his truck, the witness caught the scent of something very foul. He said the smell reminded him of when he had been "lambing," and the smell when a sheep gave birth to a dead lamb, one which had died days before the birth. The odor of that was so foul it made him feel like vomiting, and the smell associated with his sighting was similarly bad. He said he didn't understand why the smell would suddenly be present and it made him look around. In doing that he saw a creature just 100 feet away with its back to him, heading on two legs up a slope. When I asked if it could have been a man or a bear he said no, that it was a bigfoot, that there was no question about it. He described the creature's ascent up the slope as seeming labored, like the animal "was an old man," and said at one point the creature put its hand out to support itself on a tree.

The witness said the creature gave no indication that it was aware of his presence but said that it must have known he was there. The man saw only the creature's backside and never its face, since it didn't turn to look at him while he watched it. He thought the animal was at least six feet tall and said it was covered with brown fur. After watching it a short time the witness got into his truck. He said the experience frightened him, and that he had thought if he ever saw a bigfoot he would follow it, but that any such idea "went out the window" when he found himself out there, alone, and looking at one. In fact, he said he stopped watching the animal even before it was out of sight because he was worried that if the creature turned and saw him looking at it that it could become angry. The witness had seen the Patterson/Gimlin bigfoot film when he was young and thought the creature he saw was lighter in color and more slender than the creature in the film.

The witness is a fifty-year-old man. He works for a logging company and is an experienced big game hunter and so he has spent a good deal of time in the mountains of Idaho. I talked to him twice by phone and he impressed me as a normal, hard working, and truthful fellow who saw something
extraordinary - a bigfoot. Nothing he said during my interviews with him made me think he was being anything but honest and his primary concern seemed to be to tell his experience to someone who would take it seriously. The witness and his story were very convincing.

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