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Report # 39095  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, January 18, 2013.
Large, dark biped crosses road at night near Appleton
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YEAR: 2012


MONTH: November

DATE: 13

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Calumet County

LOCATION DETAILS: East of Highway 441 off the Calumet exit. Ten min away from Highway 41/441 junction. On Plank Road.


NEAREST ROAD: Plank/Midway roads

OBSERVED: 2:30 am driving home from work when a large dark animal crossed the road in front of my car. I was traveling 35-40 mph and the animal appeared to glide across the road at an extremely fast speed. It was literally a blur until it was directly in my headlights. It appeared to be running on two legs with a heavy upper body. It also appeared to cross the road in two strides. I slammed my brakes and turned towards the farm field it ran into. There was nothing in site. The ground was frozen which is why I believe there was no tracks. There is not any animal that lives, that could explain what I saw.

ALSO NOTICED: It was 5'5"/6' and the size of a couch. Saw it at approx. 50 feet in front of my vehicle. Moved super fast and made no sound that I could hear. Disappeared in front of my headlights as I turned towards it.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: ok lighting by street light

ENVIRONMENT: Near farm fields and commercial business. Lake Winnebago is a short drive from the site.
Lake Winnebago is south, the city of Appleton is West and North. Farm land and state park areas are East.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rick Reles:

I corresponded with this witness by e-mail several times, and by phone, on the details of his experience. He remembers the color to be black and brown, with hair longer on the top. The shape was that of an upright figure, quickly striding across the road, approx.50 feet in front of his vehicle. He saw the figure for 4-5 seconds. The movement was fast, upright at first, then ducked down as it moved. The upper part of the body seemed much larger than the bottom, and because it was tall, was above his headlights. There were street lights on the two way road providing some visibility. He estimated the weight to be well over 400 pounds.

When stopped and out of the car, he said he felt nervous, said it looked "as wide as a large couch standing on end." He did not see any facial features.

This sighting is relatively close to the Eastern suburbs of Appleton.

About BFRO Investigator Rick Reles:

Rick has been on numerous BFRO expeditions over the last 7 years, and has been investigating witness experiences for 5 years in Wisconsin and Tennessee. He has three times published a guide book to Stick Structures found in the woods.

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