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Report # 39649  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, February 11, 2013.
Tall figure seen crossing a field in Mammoth
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YEAR: 2008


MONTH: September

DATE: 14

STATE: California

COUNTY: Mono County

NEAREST TOWN: Mammoth Lakes

NEAREST ROAD: Minaret Road

OBSERVED: I was driving back to Los Angeles from our second home in Mammoth. I left very early, around 2:30 AM, as it is a long drive back to town, and I wanted to beat the traffic. I left the house and was driving out of the complex. The Snowcreek Golf Course is on the left side of the road, and a field is on the right. The road has a few curves in it.
As I was coming around a curve, my headlights were shining into the field, and I saw a large figure walking, probably at least one hundred yards away. I noticed that the figure seemed really large for being that far away from me. It had a very definite stride, with its arms extended out in front, rotating from front to back. It was traveling through the field at a good pace. I thought gee, that's a really big guy walking, what is he doing out here so early in the morning, in that cold, dark field. He didn't even turn his head with the headlights beaming in his direction, like it didn't bother him a bit. He just kept walking towards town.
I am not necessarily sold on the whole Bigfoot thing, but what I saw was pretty strange.



ENVIRONMENT: A field adjacent to the Snowcreek Golf Course

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bob Collier:

Source of Activity:
In March 2013 I spoke with the witness by phone. The witness lives in Southern California, where he owns a condo in the town of Mammoth Lakes, CA. The witness is a contractor by trade, where he is well aware of height, width and distance. The witness is also an outdoorsman where he is familiar with the wildlife species in this area.

The witness stated sometime during the month of September or November 2008 he was leaving his condo complex very early in the morning around 2:30 am, to get an early start back home. Witness described the road that leads away from his condo complex to be a two lane road way, which connects with the main town road of Old Mammoth Rd.

As the witness was driving north bound on this two lane road, he approached a bend in the road that went to the left. As he approached the bend his headlights from his Ford F-150 truck illuminated a figure walking in the field in front of him. The figure was walking in a N/B direction. The witness estimated the figure to be approx. 50 yards to the east of the roadway. The witness slowed his truck before making the left turn in the bend, as to keep his headlights on the figure. The figure did not look in the direction of the witness’ truck as the headlights illuminated it. The witness could only observe its side profile.

The witness pointed out that the field area is a wide and vast area, which sits at the bottom of the mountain range near his condo complex. There are bushes, boulders and other natural obstacles throughout this field. The witness continued to watch the figure walk, where he noticed that it was very tall. The witness stated he estimated it to be 8-9 feet tall. The witness further stated that it was moving at such a fast pace, it appeared to be floating over the field. The witness also observed that the figure had very long arms, which swung in a forward and backward motion as it moved. The figures arms were unusually longer than a persons arms, and its upper torso appeared to be bulky. The witness stated even though he only observed the figure from its side profile, he observed just enough of the upper torso while it turned from the elaborate arm swinging.

The witness did not see if the figure was covered in hair or some kind of fur. He did state that it did not have a snout like a bear, but it did have a pointy head. I asked the witness if the figures head resembled as if someone was wearing a hood, and he stated “Yes, but it was not hood”. I asked the witness if he could see if the figure was wearing a headlamp or using a flash light to traverse the field, at which he replied “No”. The witness further stressed there was no light source coming from this figure.

The witness continued to drive north bound on the road to where he reached the main roadway of Old Mammoth Road. He made a right turn onto Old Mammoth Rd, where he looked back south into the field. The witness stated once he reached this point he could no longer see the figure.

The witness ended by stating. If a person was to walk in that field at night, they would need a light source to see where they were walking or risk injury of breaking an ankle or worst. The figure was too tall and big, where it moved too fast in its pace to be a person. The witness stated there was no reason for anyone to be walking in this field at this time at night, when they could have simply used the same roadway he was on.

About BFRO Investigator Bob Collier:

Law enforcement officer in southern California.
Avid outdoors-man fishing, hiking, and backpacking.
Conducted numerous investigations in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

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