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Report # 41062  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, May 5, 2013.
Daytime road crossing seen by a retired police officer near Pembine
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YEAR: 2013

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 28

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Marinette County

LOCATION DETAILS: The area of the road crossing was approximately 1/2 mile East of intersection of 00/0.



OBSERVED: I was leaving my cabin heading back from the Pembine area to Green Bay as I rounded a corner and headed south on county road OO. I saw a figure cross the road. It walked slowly from East to West as though not in any hurry. I viewed it from the area just above the elbow up. It had a pointed head, very broad shoulders, and large biceps. I could see the arms swing as it walked just as a human would do. Its color was brown... a mix of dark and light brown with the sun shining off it. It was not black. I sped up to get a good look at it and it was gone. I stopped where I saw it cross and looked to the east. The area was open with scrub brush and it's color would have blended in perfect with the surrounding area. It was early spring and there were no leaves on the tree. I could only see to the hills and it would have to have gone 100 to 150 yards down then up to not be seen. I have seen deer, bear, wolves etc in the area and none walk upright.

ALSO NOTICED: When I stopped to get a good look, it was not to be seen. It couldn't have walked that far in the short time. It had to be hiding on me.


OTHER STORIES: None that I know of.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was around 10:30 A.M. There was a bright sun, blue sky, and very clear.

ENVIRONMENT: The area of the sighting is heavily wooded. A mix of Pine and hardwoods is prevalent. It crossed in a spot that had been cut over and consisted of mostly small saplings.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Eric Auel:

The witness, a retired police officer in his mid-sixties, describes a bi-pedal creature leisurely crossing the road at a distance of approximately 100 yards at a 45 degree angle across a county road on his way home from his cabin back to Green Bay. Upon turning the corner, the subject escaped into a nearby ditch. When stopped, the witness was not able to gain further visual, auditory, or olfactory evidence. Given the time of year, the conditions of the environment, and the color of the animal, the ability to blend into the environment for an animal is evident. He reports a subject of approximately 6'-6 1/2' in height with very broad shoulders and an estimated weight of nearly 300 pounds. A conical head and long arms are also reported. While the witness was not able to view its lower arms, he indicates they did appear to be longer than typical for a human. The subject was brown to dark brown in color. Sunshine gave it a a "gold" appearance. The hair was described as 2-3" in length.

I have investigated the area on three different occasions and note that the area is vastly wooded, harbors many bodies of water both in the form of lakes and rivers, and is a heavily hunted area due to the abundance of deer, wolves, bear and other animals. In addition, the number of reports coming from this general area make this area a viable area for considerable exploration. The Northern area of Wisconsin is very remote, consists of mainly state and national forests, and has limited human population.

About BFRO Investigator Eric Auel:

Eric has been with the BFRO since the summer of 2008. He has participated in the public 2008 Southern Oregon, 2009 Northern Wisconsin, 2011-2016 Spring Iowa Expeditions as well as the Michigan-UP trip in 2013. He has also participated in many private expeditions.

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