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Report # 41709  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, July 24, 2013.
Possible activity experienced by campers at a popular campground in the Mount Hood National Forest
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YEAR: 2013

SEASON: Summer


DATE: Saturday

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Clackamas County




OBSERVED: We were at a campground in the Mt Hood Nat'l Forest. I had a 55 gallon drum of goat guts & beef guts with a sheep carcass in the back of my truck. Within 2 hours loud screams came from the ridge over the campground. On the second day we heard wood knocks and heavy steps, and twigs snapping before 4:00 am. We noticed our portable camp table had been bitten through. That day we dumped the guts in a turnout about a 1/2 mile from camp. On the third day we took one last look at the gut pile, it had a different smell of wet sweet dog, and all of the guts are gone.





Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Geoff Robinson:

I spoke with the witness and he seemed to be coherent and lucid throughout our several phone conversations over the period of a week.

One of the accounts he described on the phone was a camping trip at the same location some months prior where he heard what he believed to be "a bigfoot hollering."

He then went on to describe this most recent weekend camping trip to the lake, accompanied by a couple of male friends with specific intent of baiting the creature with a 55 gallon barrel of slaughterhouse by-products consisting of goat and beef entrails as well as a sheepskin with head intact.

Having left the barrel in the back of his truck, the gentlemen proceeded to wind down for their first night of camp. Very soon up on the ridge, 100 yards north of the campsite, loud indecipherable vocalizations not attributable to bear or other known wild animals, began to emanate from the top of the ridge along with tree breaking and "stomping."

The next day very early from inside their tents, all three men heard more vocalizations and even closer "stomping." When preparing breakfast, the party noticed that their plastic top metal-framed camp table appeared to have been bitten through. See photo:

They decided at that point to dump the guts away from camp, as they were beginning to fear for their safety.

Subsequent trips to the "gut pile" revealed most of the bait to be missing.

After carefully reviewing the account of the witness, I decided to visit the location myself and spent three consecutive nights there in the latter days of July 2013. My campsite was approximately 75 yards from his location.

The first night there I went to a very high ridge approximately 1.25 miles away and performed several tree knocks and blasted some short "whoop" calls myself - both exercises yielded no apparent response.

I made my way back to my camp, energized a vehicle-affixed FLIR PathFindIR, and positioned my tripod-mounted parabolic audio recorder facing the ridge where the witness heard the night vocalizations and activity approx 175 yards away. My tent, and the tent where my young sons and their 13 year-old companion had bedded down, were in between the audio array and the ridge above. I turned in at about midnight.

At approximately 2:35 AM, according to the audio recorder time stamp, the attached audio of tree fall and associated forest floor movement was recorded. The following morning, I spoke with several other campers in the campground and all remarked on the “boom” heard during the night.

* Recording *

The next day I investigated the area from where the tree fall crash appeared to occur. Indeed there was a very large apparently healthy fir approximately 12 inches in diameter and 70 feet in height, freshly downed with the top of the tree pointing in the direction of my campsite. The roots were still intact to the trunk, and it appeared that it had been pushed down. The tree trunk and roots, and gaping hole in the ground, were approximately three feet from another apparently healthy tree that was still standing, and that tree had what appeared to be hair caught in the bark at about 6 foot from the ground on the same side facing the felled tree.

The remaining two nights of my stay transpired uneventfully. Thermal video data was analyzed, and the limited range of the camera prevented the capture of heat signatures to further analyze the tree-felling event.

After speaking with the witness upon my return, I found his entire series of events to be corollary to my own experience and determined that his accounts were factual to the best of his observational capabilities. Based on the combined data gathered from all of the events, as well as a rich history of bigfoot reports from the area, I concluded that there was a high likelihood that the events in that location during last weeks of July 2013 were attributable to bigfoot activity.

About BFRO Investigator Geoff Robinson:

Geoff Robinson is a software engineer and manufacturer's representative. As a teenager Geoff spent many nights in remote Georgia forests raccoon hunting. Mystified by seemingly inexplicable events during that time, Geoff has pursued explanations in the Pacific Northwest via study of an elusive bipedal primate that leaves tracks attributable to the taxon Anthropoidipes ameriborealis

Since those early experiences, Geoff has had encounters at his home in Granite Falls, WA, at the 2008 and 2009 WA Cascades expeditions, the 2009 Olympics expedition, as well as a number of smaller outings in WA and OR. He currently resides in Portland, OR with his wife and two sons.

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