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Report # 4201  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Mike on Saturday, July 31, 1999.
Sighting by motorist along Route 6
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Spring



COUNTY: Ashtabula County

LOCATION DETAILS: In a remote part of Northeastern Ohio while driving to Pennsylvania on route 6 near the state border


OBSERVED: I saw a dark shadow and at first thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but when I looked again I saw the outline of a Large man, but covered with hair. It was standing near the edge of the woods and at first I thought it was a statue. When I slowed down and looked closely it started to move backwards taking small steps, this really frightened me bacause even though I was in a car and it was moving away, I realized then what it was and that this thing was very much alive. The only way I can guess its height was buy looking at the pine trees he was standing near and I would say this creature had to be about upper 6 foot, maybe close to 7. With the broadest shoulders I have ever seen. If it was someone in a suit it was someone that should be playing pro basketball, not standing along the edge of the woods. I was close like 50 feet away from this thing at one point and it was early in the morning. I watched until it went so deep that I could not see it anymore, it turned around though and started walking at a better clip after I slowed down and watched for a while. I have not told anyone and never reported it, but when I was younger I believed in Bigfoot, but now I am 26 and was very skeptical the last few years knowing that this thing if it existed would need hundreds of square miles of remote area to be out of sight of people and I did not think anything in Ohio could accomadate that. Maybe out west it's more thinkable, but Ohio does not even have a resident Black bear or Bobcat poppulation. Could this mammal be so intelligent and elusive that it could remain in our modern world? Does it bury its dead?....I mean somebody find out whats going on with this. Because not all these reports on here can be fake, I know what I saw!

OTHER WITNESSES: I was driving in the morning like maybe 9:00am just light enough to see clearly, but the sun was not up to high over this area of woods, hence the shadow. I was by myself unfortunately. Would have loved a second set of eyes near me!

TIME AND CONDITIONS: In the last week of May 1999 as I was driving from Geauga county to Reading, PA.

ENVIRONMENT: It was one of those real thick pine forests, but not real big just one of those patchy areas that turn up in the middle of Oaks, Maples, and Birch. Alot of northeastern Ohio is like that and just gets more like that when you get into the hardwood pines of the mountains of Pennsylvania. The elevation was around 1000-1100 feet I would imagine slightly rolling but seemed like a high flat area.

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