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Report # 4301  (Class A)
Submitted by witness C.M. on Tuesday, May 14, 2002.
Elk hunter sees large, black animal walking upright along the Toutle River
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 9th

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Cowlitz County

LOCATION DETAILS: Approximately 1 to 2 miles east of Hoffstead Bluffs. Looking down into the Mt. St. Helens wash it was viewed from the highway.


NEAREST ROAD: Mt. St. Helens Highway

OBSERVED: On May 9th, 2002 at approximately 3p.m. my buddy and I were headed towards Mt. St. Helens. We had just passed Hoffstead Bluffs heading east and I was looking down into the wash. The Toutle splits in this area and there was a section that went between a heavily wooded area and the hillside leading to the road. It is approximately 300 yards to the bottom. I noticed something walking thru the creek at an angle and heading northeast. It happened quickly and I yelled instantly to stop. I saw it for maybe 5 seconds. I could see the space between its strides and I knew it had to be much bigger than a man from that distance. The arms were long and it was dark colored. We didn't get stopped quick enough for both of us to see it. We scanned the entire area for at least 10 to 15 minutes but saw no other movement. I could see the area where I assume it left the woods and the ground did appear to have been disturbed. I could not see the bottom of the hillside where I was standing.

Witness' perspective of the Toutle River during the sighting.
Photo by Jessica Stark

I know this sighting was brief but in the length of time I saw it, it did not take my mind long to decide what I was seeing. I have always been interested in Bigfoot but it has never been something I think about regularly. In fact, I can't remember when I thought or saw anything about it in recent years. What amazed me was how quickly my mind told me what I was seeing. I know from my brief observation, I will not forget that I saw something very unusual. It could not be mistaken for any other animal or human being.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing unusual

OTHER WITNESSES: Just myself. My buddy was driving.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 3 pm The sun was out and a few clouds were present.

ENVIRONMENT: Forests, wash area, creek and forest again. Its exposure to the open was limited.

Follow-up investigation report:

BFRO Investigators Richard Noll, Alan Terry, Kevin Lindley, Jessica Stark, and Jeffrey Lemley accompanied this witness to the sighting location on May 25, 2002. Although the witness did have a clear view of the animal as it crossed the Toutle River, the distance to the animal was roughly 1000 yards. Misjudging this distance is understandable, as the river lies a hundred yards or so below the road, making it rough to estimate. Of particular interest is that the witness saw the animal moving roughly in an east-northeast direction, directly towards where another sighting occurred just over 2 miles away, and only 9 days later (see Sighting Report #4359).

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