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Report # 43211  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, December 9, 2013.
Gorilla-like figure spotted by two motorists along a roadside near Mauston
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 10

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Adams County

LOCATION DETAILS: Heading North out of Wisconsin Dells on Hwy 13. The sighting occurred between Wisconsin Dells and Adams, WI



OBSERVED: My mom and I were driving to my grandparent's house early in the morning when we both saw what appeared to be a gorilla sitting in a field a little ahead of us. As we got closer to the creature we both said "my god it's a Sasquatch"!! It was just sitting in the field with its back to us. It was HUGE! She was probably going about 45 miles per hour and our biggest regret has been and always will be, not turning around to confirm our gut feeling. We did not see it's face and/or it's whole body because it was sitting and facing the opposite direction. It was big hairy and brown. It's head was oblong and sort of came to a point with no real definition between its head and neck until it's broad shoulders. It's arms were extremely long as well. They were so long the hands were kind of bent beside it's upright body. It was NOT a bear! I would be willing to put money on that it was a gorilla before a bear. It was sitting on its butt just like a person would. People have said we are crazy for years and say it was a bear. The location where we saw the Sasquatch is not a prime bear location!!

OTHER WITNESSES: My mother. She was driving the car.

OTHER STORIES: Not that I'm aware of.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was early morning around 6 AM. It was farily smoggy/hazy from the sun rising on a summer morning.

ENVIRONMENT: It was a field with pine forest behind and along the side. Often when driving by, there are a lot of deer in that field.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Eric Auel:

I spoke with both witnesses. The daughter was a teenager at the time, and she and her mother were driving up near Roche A Cri State Park where her grandmother had a cabin. Her memory of the morning is very clear and recalls the encounter "like it happened yesterday". She was able to view the object for a longer interval of time due to the fact that she was not driving the vehicle. It was early morning in the early summer at approximately 6 AM and was hazy and very warm. She reported seeing a large corn crib on her left and shortly up the road an inanimate object caught her eye. The figure was approximately 60-70 yards from the road and was seated facing away from the road with its arms extended and its hands facing behind it while facing the tree line ahead of it. It was covered in thick brown/auburn hair. The object was described as wide with visible shoulders and a conical-shaped head. The head was at an approximate height of 4-41/2 feet off of the ground while seated. The witness questioned why there would be a gorilla in the field and further if it could have been missing from Circus World, which is located within approximately 30 minutes of the location. Her mother slowed down the vehicle to approximately 45 miles an hour as they passed the figure. While they passed it, the figure remained stationary. When questioned about the potential of misidentifying a possible bear or tree-stump, she was adamant that it was neither.

I am very familiar with the location and the area where the subject was seated is a farm field. The potential for a large stump of a tree being there is minimal. Black Bear have been known to travel through this area, it is not typical. In addition, the description of the arms facing backward on both sides of the subjects body appears to be consistent with a primate of some type. In addition, the size of the object does not sound to be human. Both witnesses sounded very genuine with their report and were extremely consistent with what they had witnessed. The Wisconsin River is very close to the location, as are several state parks surrounding it and a Wildlife Reserve to the Northwest by about twenty miles. It is heavily populated by deer, coyotes, and various other wildlife. While the Wisconsin Dells is a heavily traveled tourist attraction, most of the traffic to the area comes from the South of Wisconsin Dells and along the interstate as opposed to the direction they were traveling.

About BFRO Investigator Eric Auel:

Eric has been with the BFRO since the summer of 2008. He has participated in the public 2008 Southern Oregon, 2009 Northern Wisconsin, 2011-2016 Spring Iowa Expeditions as well as the Michigan-UP trip in 2013. He has also participated in many private expeditions.

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