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Report # 43381  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, December 20, 2013.
Driver sees a large animal possibly stalking wild boar outside Bushnell
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YEAR: 2012


STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Sumter County

LOCATION DETAILS: Bushnell Florida, on 48 on the curve at Wahoo Church on the right hand side where the woods are, and wild pigs and deer. Also there's an old shed next to the curve.


NEAREST ROAD: the road next to the church

OBSERVED: Going on CR48 in Bushnell heading to CR 575, on the corner at the Wahoo Baptist Church he was next to wild pigs, trying to look like the rock next to him. He was bent over like a big round rock. Had a lot of hair.. and was very large.....

ALSO NOTICED: I did turn around to take another look but he was gone and so was the pigs. When I drive through I always look, and remember that night I seen bigfoot, how amazing, and would love to see it again.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself, driving to pick up my husband at work (walmart).and making sure I don't run over any animals.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: At night around 12 am, clear sky, no traffic.

ENVIRONMENT: On the left hand side where the thick woods are, right before the curve there's a ditch and a barbed wire fence. Across the street there's a white mobile home. He was on the side of the woods.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Mike Familant:

The witness recalls the event well. She was driving about 10 MPH, rounding a sharp corner when she saw out of her drivers side window about 10 boar feeding about 10 feet from the road. Approx 30-40 feet behind the pigs, there is a large boulder. Next to the boulder was a dark, long-curly haired sasquatch sitting on its knees, observing the boar. Due to her slow speed, she states she observed the creature for about one minute.

The witness insisted it was not a mis-identification, stating that, even though it was dark, there was a clear sky and was able to clearly rule out any possible known animals. She was not able to clearly observe the face of the creature, but did note that the mass of the creature was much higher than that of a bear, and that the hair on the head was black, which turned to a brown color further down the body. She remembers that the creature was over 5 feet tall, crouched over. She also noted the broadness of the shoulders.

After observing this, she turned around at the next intersection, and went back to confirm what she saw. It took her about 3 minutes to return back to the location, where she again observed to boars and saw the boulder, but what she had originally observed was no longer there. She turned her high-beams on in the area and looked for eye-shine, but none was seen.

After looking at the location on Google Earth, the area is rural, and is very close to the Green Swamp, and easily connects to Ocala via Leesburg.

About BFRO Investigator Mike Familant:

Mike has been interested in Bigfoot for years. He has attended the 2012 and 2013 Florida Expeditions, and investigates Bigfoot as his hobby. He is an EMT and soon to be Paramedic residing in North NJ.

Mike has attended the North FL in 2012 and 2014, as well and the public expeditions in South NJ in 2014 and North NJ 2015. Mike goes on day hikes at least once a week, and camping 3 or 4 times per month.

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