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Report # 4393  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, May 25, 2002.
Early morning sighting of large, upright animal on rural bridge in Southern Georgia
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YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: don't remember

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Brooks County

LOCATION DETAILS: This occured on Clyattville Road between Rocky Ford Rd. and Route 53


NEAREST ROAD: Clyattville road

OBSERVED: Last December in Brooks County Georgia in the early hours of the morning I was driving home to Florida on Clyattville Road. I was approaching the longest bridge between ROCKY FORD ROAD & Rt 53, I saw something that looked like very tall man standing near the side of the bridge. I had my bright lights on, so I flashed my lights to warn this pedestrian at this hour that I was approaching. I then tapped the horn, but this very large figure didn't run. It appeared as I drew closer to be reaching for something beyond the bridge, (perhaps leaves of the trees) I began to slow down as I approached the bridge, fearing this very big man was drunk, and would stagger in
front of my car. But as I approached the object I saw this was either a GIANT of a man in a shaggy
fur coat, or a HUGH animal I had never seen! It was standing on two feet, and its arms were long, this I noticed as it turned its head toward the car, it dropped one arm to its side. I cannot describe its face, because I was "SCARED" nearly to , because as it turned its head my lights reflecked in its eye, and it glowed RED, instead of green, or yellow, as I am used to seeing from
animals I had viewed at night on the road. I was scared so bad I raced home, but didn't mention this until weeks later to even my husband, because I was trying to rationalize this in my mind as fatigue, night illusions whatever I could label it. Besides I was afraid of being told I was crazy. I am a professional that needs to remain sane in the public's eye! I would very much like to get some feed back on this, but I positively do NOT want my name, or profile mentioned on the internet! I am willing to work with anyone that is serious about finding what this is,but I must maintain a low public profile, because not only am I a professional, but I am a woman! But I am NOT a crazy woman, I know positively what I saw!

ALSO NOTICED: I didn't stop to investigate...I was SCARED!

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only one in the car, and saw no other cars on the road. All I was doing prior to the sighting was driving home!

OTHER STORIES: NO, thus the reason I didn't want to report it, and have folks think I had lost my mind!


ENVIRONMENT: This thing was standing on a concrete bridge, pulling leaves, or something from the branches of trees that grow up from the creek bank below the bridge.

Follow-up investigation report:

In a phone interview the witness seemed very credible. She commented several times on the great size of the animal, saying, "I've seen a lot of real big men, but this was something else." She was quite struck by the "red glow" reflecting from the animal's eye as it turned its head in toward her approaching car. That in particular really frightened her. The experience was so unnerving to the witness that she didn't look carefully at the animal but hit the gas and sped by when she saw the red eye shine.

The witness was not generally knowledgable about bears but her initial sense that she was seeing a very big man, the fact that it stood on its hind legs, and that it was reaching out seemingly to grasp something, all suggest it was not a bear.

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