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Report # 44354  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, February 20, 2014.
Man recounts his daylight sighting at a creek outside Franklin
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YEAR: 1985

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 15

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Macon County


NEAREST ROAD: Walnut Creek Road/US Hwy 64

OBSERVED: Franklin, NC 1985, walnut creek road area. Walking up old logging trail to top of mountain on border of Nantahala National Forest I rounded a blind curve and saw creature squatting possibly taking crawdaddys out of creek trhat crossed the logging road. I froze in fear, it stood up and looked at me and I turned around and ran back down the road.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approx 2:00pm. Clear sky.

ENVIRONMENT: Nantahala National Forest boundary. Logging road at creek crossing. Walnut Creek is near the Cullasaja Gorge and river on Hwy 64 outside of Franklin NC.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jeff Carpenter:

I spoke with the witness by the phone. He was very sincere and wanted to recount the sighting he had around June of 1985. The event had a profound impact on him and it has always stayed with him. The witness was around 12 years of age at the time of the sighting and he was on a family trip to their cabin in Western North Carolina. The cabin is located near the Cullasaja Gorge on a very remote mountain. At the time of the sighting, no other homes were located above or near the cabin. The area above the cabin was very steep with mountain creeks. The witness stated that the family let the kids play and explore the area but they had to stay close and wear a whistle. On this day, he was by himself and he had went farther up the mountain on an old logging road. The road had turned up very steep up the mountain and then made a 180 degree turn. As he came around this turn he saw the creature squatted in the creek.

At first he did not know what to think of it, until it stood up and turned its head to him. He stated that he froze in fear for a few seconds and then panicked as he ran down the mountain blowing his whistle. His family got to him when he got closer to the cabin. They did not believe him and tried to convince him that he saw something else. He stated as far as he can recall no one went up to the sight to look for tracks etc.

He stated that he has seen many wild animals and he is very sure that what he saw was not a bear at all.The witness was very concrete in what details he remembered. He estimated he was about 40 yards away and the animal had brown matted hair. The height was around 7 foot tall and he recalled it not having any neck at all. It had shoulders with long arms and he was very sure it was on two feet. He thought it might have been eating something from the creek but he did not recall seeing anything. A pool is located in the creek at this location he stated.

I am very familiar with this location as it is located near the entrance to the Cullasaja Gorge in Macon County N.C. The area is located on a remote mountain with mountain streams and many rock formations such as cliffs and steep gorges. Deer, turkey, and wild boar are found in this area as well as fish and crayfish in the many mountain creeks.

About BFRO Investigator Jeff Carpenter:

* Worked as a Parks and Recreation Director in North Carolina for 30 years.
* A hunter and fisherman with a love for hiking and camping.
* His family has lived in the Mountains of WNC since late 1700's and he has a vast knowledge of this area and the Great Smoky National Park.
After finding things in my hunting areas that were out of the norm and that could not be explained, I began my search for answers.
* Attended many, BFRO and various private Expeditions in the southeast and lead personal research trips for small groups. Seventeen years of researching and studying Sasquatch.

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